Enhancing Conveyancing Efficiency with InTouch at Wade & Wade Law

Wade & Wade Law is a technology-first law firm committed to prioritising clients' needs.

Wade & Wade Law is a technology-first law firm committed to prioritising clients' needs.

Discovery and Challenges

Wade & Wade Law had been grappling with numerous challenges tied to their previous case management system. Their former system lacked the desired level of support, exhibited bugs that went unaddressed for lengthy periods, and had inadequate communication channels. Additionally, the system’s reporting capabilities were lacking, and exporting data to Excel proved to be user-unfriendly.

Decision-Making Process

In response to market trends and industry demands, Wade & Wade Law actively sought integration, improved reporting, and enhanced support in a new solution. After evaluating several alternatives, including Osprey and Clio, the firm recognised InTouch as a standout choice due to its unique offering, particularly the Stakeholder Portal feature.

The Stakeholder Portal: Streamlining Collaboration and Communication

The cornerstone of InTouch’s appeal to Wade & Wade Law was the innovative Stakeholder Portal—a feature designed to revolutionise collaboration and communication. This portal proved to be the solution’s most enticing aspect, offering a robust platform that bridges the gap between the law firm and its clients. The Stakeholder Portal plays a pivotal role in keeping clients informed and engaged. By automatically updating clients on case progress and developments, the portal minimises the need for manual follow-ups and progress-chasing phone calls. This not only saves time and resources for Wade & Wade Law but also adds significant value to their client relationships. With a real-time view of their cases, clients remain connected to the process, fostering transparency and trust.

Guided Implementation: Collaborating with the InTouch Team

The implementation phase of a new case management system is a critical juncture for any law firm. Wade & Wade Law’s experience with InTouch’s implementation process was marked by collaborative support and valuable expertise. The InTouch team played an instrumental role in ensuring a smooth transition, and their commitment to the firm’s success was evident throughout the journey. The assistance provided by the InTouch team was met with high commendation by Wade & Wade Law. The team’s proactive approach and hands-on support were vital in navigating the intricacies of the transition. Felicity, a member of the InTouch team, stood out for her exceptional contributions. Her expertise and dedication were recognised by the firm as a key factor in the successful implementation.

“Having someone who has a deep understanding of the system, coupled with responsiveness and willingness to address queries and concerns, played a crucial role in building the firm’s confidence in the new platform. The ability to provide timely solutions and clear explanations transformed potential roadblocks into opportunities for learning and growth.” - Andrew

During the implementation process and beyond, the InTouch team have extended beyond mere troubleshooting. Active engagement with Wade & Wade Law’s team to ensure that they not only resolved challenges but also developed a comprehensive understanding of InTouch’s capabilities. This approach empowered and will continue to help the firm to harness the full potential of the system, enabling them to tailor their usage to their unique needs.

Collaborative Success: InTouch and Wade & Wade Law

The synergy between Wade & Wade Law and the InTouch team was a critical element in the overall success of the implementation. The combination of technology-driven solutions and personalised guidance ensured that the firm’s transition was not only efficient but also impactful. As a result, the InTouch system seamlessly integrated into the firm’s operations, making the changeover a positive and transformative experience.

User Enthusiasm: Transitioning with Eagerness

The introduction of InTouch to Wade & Wade Law’s team sparked an atmosphere of enthusiasm and readiness for change. Users within the firm embraced the new system with eagerness, citing its user-friendly interface, robust features, and transformative capabilities as key factors in their positive response. This marked a significant shift from their previous experience with the old Leap system.

Preference for InTouch: A Clear Departure from Leap

InTouch’s intuitive design and comprehensive features set stood in stark contrast to the challenges posed by the previous system. Wade & Wade Law’s users expressed a clear preference for InTouch, praising its streamlined workflows, improved reporting, and enhanced integration options. This unanimous embrace of the new system not only boosted morale within the firm but also catalysed the adoption of more efficient and effective work practices.

The customisability offered by InTouch marked a paradigm shift for Wade & Wade Law. The firm had previously navigated a system that restricted them to predefined workflows, often constraining their ability to tailor their processes to their unique needs. InTouch’s flexibility enabled the firm to mold the software to match their specific practices and preferences, ultimately creating a more harmonious alignment between technology and their operational approach.

The ease of communication with the InTouch team came as a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Wade & Wade Law’s previous experience had been marred by communication challenges, making it difficult to obtain timely support or address concerns. In contrast, the InTouch team proved to be readily accessible, responsive, and engaged throughout the implementation and beyond. This shift in communication dynamics not only ensured that queries were promptly addressed but also fostered a sense of partnership and collaboration between the firm and the InTouch team.

Wade & Wade LLP Case Management System Case Study

Elevating Client Interactions: The Stakeholder Portal Advantage

Client reactions to InTouch were equally positive, contributing to Wade & Wade Law’s overall success in the transition. Brokers in particular, were impressed by this tool’s ability to add tangible value to their interactions with the firm. One even going as far to say:

“The Stakeholder portal will ensure I send more work your way.”

The Unseen Benefits: Transformative and Subtle

Beyond the quantifiable improvements, InTouch’s influence has also brought about subtle shifts in the firm’s culture and approach. The shift from manual, repetitive tasks to automated processes has allowed legal professionals at Wade & Wade Law to channel their expertise into strategic decision-making and client engagement. This shift is an essential part of the firm’s commitment to providing top-notch legal services while enhancing the work experience for its professionals.

Future Plans and Integrations

Wade & Wade Law envisions expanding their use of InTouch in the future, emphasising the importance of avoiding stagnation in their technology adoption.

Integration Highlights

Among the integrations offered by InTouch, Wade & Wade Law particularly praised the Thirdfort integration for its user-friendly nature. The firm also noted the benefits of integrations with InfoTrack, TMGroup, and Xero for streamlined client account reconciliation.

Productivity Improvements

While specific metrics and KPIs were not immediately available, Wade & Wade Law anticipates potential productivity improvements, especially through the various integrations provided by InTouch.


Wade & Wade Law’s transition to InTouch has yielded tangible benefits in terms of efficiency, client satisfaction, and integration capabilities. By aligning with their technology-first approach and commitment to client service, InTouch has proven to be a valuable addition to the firm’s conveyancing operations. As the market evolves, Wade & Wade Law remains enthusiastic about the potential of InTouch and their ongoing partnership.

In Summary: A Shift Toward Excellence

InTouch’s implementation has propelled Wade & Wade Law toward enhanced efficiency, client satisfaction, and operational excellence. The tangible reductions in progress-chasing calls and software updates are matched by intangible yet equally valuable benefits such as improved transparency, strategic focus, and an elevated client experience. As Wade & Wade Law continues to harness the power of InTouch, they are poised to carve out a unique space in the legal landscape, one marked by technology-driven innovation and unwavering dedication to their clients’ success.