Evolve Law's Case Management System

4 years on, how is Evolve Law & Marc Lansdell finding InTouch?

4 years on, how is Evolve Law & Marc Lansdell finding InTouch?

Evolve Law have been using InTouch as their case management system for the past 4 years.

We spoke to Marc in 2018, at the time he was looking for a system to replace his existing one which had become slow and difficult to use. A few months into using InTouch Marc and the Evolve Law team noticed a significant drop in call and email volume due to the implementation of the InTouch interactive portal and was encouraged by the levels of support the InTouch could offer.

Four years later, we wondered if Marc still felt the same way…

How would you describe your experience of using InTouch?

InTouch is single handedly the best case management system we have ever used.

Not only is it incredibly easy to use, it’s flexibility behind the scenes allows us to adapt and alter the system to our needs and as client demands change.

I am amazed more firms do not use it!

How has InTouch supported your business’ core objectives?

InTouch has allowed us to be more efficient as a business by standardising and automating a lot of our processes. With the third party integrations for searches, HMLR, SDLT returns as well as accounts we have managed to save a lot of time with less admin and data repetition. This has allowed our lawyers to spend more time on legal tasks and assisting their clients.

What parts of InTouch do you find the most valuable?

The customisation of the system is my favorite.

Although the system is designed by a third party it does feel like you have the tools to create your own system that works specifically for you.

I particularly like the option to make documents visible to the clients via their portal which saves time rather than having to attach these to an email which is clunky. It also helps with sending large reports to clients where email file size restrictions might hinder being able to do this.

What’s your experience been using the InTouch integrations? I.e, accounts, searches etc…

The integrations are a huge plus as well and mean that nothing is missed and saves time having to add things to the file.

(For reference Marc benefits from the integrations we have with Xero for accounts and InfoTrack for searches and post completion work)

Would you recommend InTouch to other firms and if so, why?

100% yes! My only issue is that I want to keep it all to ourselves.