Streamlining Conveyancing with InTouch & Willis Conveyancing

Company Overview

Willis Conveyancing, with years of industry expertise, is a dynamic full-service conveyancing firm committed to providing unparalleled attention and understanding to clients during property transactions.

Challenges with Previous Systems

Previous systems, including Actionstep, presented notable challenges for Willis Conveyancing. Navigating complicated systems and rectifying errors proved intricate, while the overall experience with these systems was marked by clunkiness, complexity, and frustration. These challenges underscored the need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution.

Choosing InTouch

The decision to embrace InTouch was driven by the imperative to reduce operational costs and carve out more time for direct client interactions. This strategic shift seamlessly aligned with ongoing market challenges and industry trends. By choosing InTouch, Willis Conveyancing positioned itself as a forward-thinking player, aiming to enhance efficiency and elevate the quality of client experiences with a smooth and hassle-free implementation.

Key Features Sought

The core prerequisites for a new solution were anchored in the urgency for speed, rapid accessibility of information, scalability, and the pivotal capability to manage an increased workload without the necessity of team expansion.

This robust set of criteria underscored the firm’s commitment to finding a comprehensive and efficient solution that could seamlessly accommodate their evolving needs.

InTouch’s Standout Features

InTouch emerged as the standout choice due to its impeccable blend of seamless integration and unparalleled efficiency. The system’s remarkable ability to execute actions promptly and with pinpoint precision was a pivotal factor in its selection. The team particularly valued the immediate and accurate response to every click, creating a user experience where each action seamlessly translated into the intended outcome.

Implementation Experience

The implementation process was smooth and straightforward. The team found InTouch’s user interface intuitive, and the provided training was sufficient for a seamless transition.

Impact on Productivity and Cost Reduction

InTouch significantly increased productivity, with the firm successfully handling more matters in the previous month alone. Opening a file became 50 times easier, thanks to automated data entry, eliminating the need for double-handling data.

Surprising Aspects of Working with InTouch

The exceptional level of support provided by InTouch pleasantly surprised the team. Access to comprehensive help documentation was highlighted as a significant advantage, distinguishing InTouch from other systems where support responses often took several days.

Favourite Integrations

The integration with InfoTrack was particularly praised for its seamless functionality, enhancing the overall efficiency of the conveyancing process.


InTouch has proven to be a game-changer for Willis Conveyancing, surpassing expectations and fundamentally revolutionising their approach to conveyancing. This user-friendly, efficient, and supportive platform has not only met the firm’s needs but has elevated their operational standards to new heights. InTouch stands as a cornerstone in streamlining processes and fostering a level of efficiency that goes beyond what was initially envisioned, making it an invaluable asset for Willis Conveyancing’s continued success.