About Us - InTouch Conveyancing Software

In 2012, we embarked on the journey of purchasing our first house. However, this process was fraught with challenges, including the disappointment of two failed sales. What began as an exciting endeavor soon transformed into frustration and discontent.

Throughout this experience, we encountered numerous communication problems with various parties involved in the home buying process. Determined to alleviate this recurring issue, we took matters into our own hands and decided to develop software that could streamline and automate updates for both house buyers and sellers.

Our initial solution was a task list that automatically notified clients and stakeholders whenever a task was completed. This proved to be a valuable tool, but we soon realised that conveyancers perform so much more than just ticking off tasks. We recognised the need for additional functionality to cater to the complexities of the conveyancing process.

Years of relentless effort and multiple iterations later, we proudly present InTouchβ€”a comprehensive conveyancing case management system. InTouch empowers conveyancers to efficiently handle all the necessary work involved in completing a property transaction while automatically keeping all stakeholders informed and up to date.

Through InTouch, we have bridged the gap between conveyancers, clients, and other stakeholders, ensuring smooth and transparent communication throughout the entire conveyancing process. With its robust features and intuitive interface, InTouch has become an indispensable tool for conveyancers, revolutionising the way property transactions are managed.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and our passion for simplifying the home buying experience have driven us to create a reliable and efficient solution in InTouch. We believe that by automating updates and facilitating seamless communication, we have made the conveyancing process less daunting and more accessible for everyone involved.

Marvin & Dale Rounce - co-founders of InTouch

This is us, Marvin & Dale Rounce, standing outside our office in 2022

As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to refining and expanding InTouch, exploring new avenues to enhance the conveyancing experience. Our ultimate goal is to empower both conveyancers and their clients, facilitating successful property transactions and bringing peace of mind to all parties involved.


2012 πŸ’‘ The idea is born

2014 πŸ‘· Marvin goes part time and spends more time creating InTouch

2015 πŸ™Œ The first client starts using InTouch

2016 πŸ‘°πŸ€΅ Marvin and Dale go full time working on InTouch

2016 πŸ’» InTouch - "the full conveyancing case management system" is released

2017 🌏 First overseas law firm joins InTouch

InTouch's mission

To improve communication and automation in property transactions.

InTouch's rules

We strive to continually better ourselves, our processes, and our products. These are our philosophises;

Open Communication
Feedback allows us to build a better service for our customers.

We don’t like excuses. When we make a mistake, and we do make mistakes, we own it and learn from it.

Get Stuff Done
We take action.

We're hiring! Come help us!