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How It All Started

The idea was first conceived in 2012 by a frustrated house buyer, it was their first time buying a house and excitement was high. However, before they managed to complete the sale problems occurred and unfortunately, the sale fell through.

Thinking about what had happened they concluded that the root cause of the problem was a question of the stakeholders having access to information, a problem that could be solved through technology.

A few years later InTouch was born, initially as a quote calculator and stakeholder portal, but soon the conveyancing software solution had grown to become an all-in-one case management system for legal professionals.

Our Story So Far

💡 2012 - The idea is born with a frustrated house buyer

👷 2014 - Started working on a solution part-time

🙌 2015 - The first clients sign-up

👰🤵 2016 - Husband & Wife go full time

💻 2016 - The full Case Management System is released

🌏 2017 - First client outside of the UK in Australia

InTouch Today

  • 3,800+ monthly active users
  • 110,000+ new documents uploaded every month
  • Integrated with 16 different search providers
  • Used in 6 countries
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 100% founder and employee owned
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To improve communication, automation and transparency within property transactions.

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Open Communication / Radical Candor
If you have an opinion or an idea about anything - we want to hear it - feedback allows us to build a better service for our clients - if you have a question please ask - there are no stupid questions.

We don’t make excuses, we come up with solutions and execute them. If you have an issue with our product, we'll do our utmost to fix it.

Get “Stuff” Done
We don’t talk about doing things, we take action - that’s why we ship 1-3 features/improvements to our users every month - it also means we are diligent about setting and tracking goals.

Be Your Full Self
We believe that diversity and varying opinions adds tremendous value to the business by offering different points of view. We encourage our employees and clients to be their full selves when interacting with us.