About Us

We embarked on a quest to purchase our first home.

In the twilight of 2011, in Nottingham, we were armed with dreams and the hope of laying down roots. We embarked on a quest to purchase our first home. This journey would be lined with the joy of browsing listings, the excitement of viewings, the triumphant moment of claiming a space as our own, and getting down to DIY heaven.

But, the path was fraught with challenges, the most heart-wrenching of which was the collapse of two promising purchases. Each failure was a blow to our spirits. We found ourselves embroiled in a labyrinth of miscommunications, each twist and turn adding to the disagreeing discord among the myriad parties involved in the home-buying process.

Refusing to be disheartened, we channelled our frustrations into a beacon of innovation. It was clear that the root of our woes lay in the archaic and fragmented communication channels that plagued the conveyancing process. With determination burning fiercely within us, we set forth to forge a solution that would ensure no one else would endure the trials we faced.

Our initial foray into this territory yielded a simple yet effective live task list, that was shared between the stakeholders. This digital list automated updates and notifications, ensuring that clients and stakeholders were always in the loop with the completion of each milestone.

However, as we delved deeper, we unearthed the intricate dance of conveyancing — a ballet of legalities & risk management far beyond mere checkboxes.

Conveyancing — a ballet of legalities & risk management far beyond mere checkboxes.

Undaunted, we persevered, our vision expanding with each iteration of our software. The system - called InTouch - is now a comprehensive conveyancing case management system used in 6 different countries to help professionals manage the conveyancing process. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features that streamline the conveyancing process. It serves not just as a tool, but as a bridge facilitating clear communication between conveyancers, agents, clients, and other stakeholders, thus promoting transparency and cooperation from start to finish.

This endeavour, born out of our own struggles and frustrations, is not finished. We’re enjoying continually improving the conveyancing software platform and refining & expanding the service we deliver.

Marvin & Dale Rounce - co-founders of InTouch

We’re not finished.

As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to refining and expanding InTouch, exploring new avenues to enhance the conveyancing experience. Our ultimate goal is to empower both conveyancers and their clients, facilitating successful property transactions and bringing peace of mind to all parties involved.

Best, Marvin & Dale


2011 We start looking for our first home

2012 💡 Out of our frustrations, the idea to tackle communication in the house-buying process is born. We call our first solution the “House Buying Timeline” 😂

2014 👷 Marvin goes part-time and spends more time expanding the system. We renamed it InTouch… because keeping all parties “in touch” is our objective.

2015 🙌 The first client starts using InTouch

2016 👰🤵 Marvin and Dale go full time working on InTouch

2016 💻 InTouch - “the full conveyancing case management system” is released

2017 🌏 First overseas law firm joins InTouch

2022 InTouch is now used in 6 different countries for property transactions

2024 & Beyond - more automation, more communication & more transparency. Why not join us and help on this mission?