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In 2012 we bought our first house. Whilst trying to buy our first house we encountered numerous problems, including two sales which fell through.

Our original excitement, quickly turned to frustration.

Lots of communication problems were encountered and we decided to put a stop to this by creating software which would automatically update the house buyer/seller.

Our first product was a task list which would update clients or stakeholders automatically once a task was completed.

This worked, but conveyancers do more than tick tasks and we quickly realised more functionality was needed.

Several years and iterations later, InTouch is now a fully fledged conveyancing case management system enabling conveyancers to complete all work needed to complete a property transaction whilst automatically keeping stakeholders up to date.

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πŸ’‘ 2012 - The idea is born

πŸ‘· 2014 - Marvin goes part time and spends more time creating InTouch

πŸ™Œ 2015 - The first client starts using InTouch

πŸ‘°πŸ€΅ 2016 - Marvin and Dale go full time working on InTouch

πŸ’» 2016 - InTouch - "the full conveyancing case management system" is released

🌏 2017 - First overseas client joins InTouch

πŸ’‘ 2021 - You join the InTouch family

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To improve communication and automation within property transactions.

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We strive to continually better ourselves, our team, and our product. These are our philosophises -

Open Communication
Feedback allows us to build a better service for our clients.

Open communication between the InTouch team ensures we are always on the same page.

We don’t like excuses. When we make a mistake, we own it and learn from it.

Get Shit Done
We take action.

We're hiring! Come help us!