The Best Conveyancing Case Management Software For Your Firm

At InTouch, we have a clear mission statement to improve automation and communication within property transactions through our conveyancing software.

The emphasis of our mission is firmly rooted in making the process better for the end-client, the person buying or selling a property. We believe that a superior client experience is the key to success for any law firm in today’s competitive climate.

We help deliver an improved client experience by;

This approach ultimately leads to faster transactions, a better client experience, and a more profitable practice.

InTouch has a number of key benefits that makes it the best conveyancing case management software available;

Conveyancing Software Automation

Enabling automation and streamlining processes

InTouch comes with features that help automate manual processes and removing unnecessary steps, making the process more efficient for all;

  • Online customisable forms - Allow customers to self-serve, removing paper forms and manual data entry
  • Automatic updates for stakeholders - Send automatic updates to stakeholders when a milestone is reached, reducing progress chasing phone calls
  • Dynamic document generation and precedent banks - Create documents, emails, and forms fully populated with the relevant information with a click of a button
  • Electronic signatures - Remove the need for the paper, postage, and scanning associated with wet signatures with our eIDas compliant esignature solution
  • Online quotation and land tax calculations - Automatically generate accurate quotes, and perform land tax calculations by answering some simple questions
  • Better Referrals - Enable partners to easily refer leads through an online form, or on-the-go via our mobile apps
  • Streamline client accounting - Our Xero integration and InTouch features helps you automatically update client & office ledgers, as well as the debit and credits in Xero

InTouch Conveyancing Automation Software
Conveyancing Software Communication

Improve client & stakeholder communication

Great communication is the key to delivering a great client experience. InTouch makes communicating well simple, by offering a range of options which you can tailor to the needs of your clients, and the specific matter via;

  • Online stakeholder portal - Easily share updates on the progress of the matter such as key milestones and next steps, or share documents securely with relevant parties
  • Conveyancing mobile apps - Take it one step further by giving your stakeholders access to our Mobile app to provide them with on-the-go updates on all their matters
  • 2-way SMS - Communicate with your clients via SMS, if they reply the text message automatically gets attached to the matter, and you are notified via email
  • Automatic updates - Keep your stakeholders informed of progress by sending automatic email updates
  • Templates for letters, emails, and text messages - store templates that pre-populates key information for you across communication, which you can manually alter, if required, before sending

Mobile Apps for Conveyancing Clients
InTouch Case Management API

Integrations that makes your life easier

InTouch integrates with a number of third-parties to give you the best possible experience in managing your matters, these include;

  • Email - Send emails directly from the case management system from your inbox. Unlike some other case management systems, this comes from your personal email and any replies are automatically sent to your inbox as well as being attached to the matter
  • Word/Outlook plugins - With our plugins you can easily attach emails and documents to the matter by the click of a button inside Word or Outlook
  • Conveyancing search providers - You can order searches via a few clicks, with all key information being automatically sent to the search provider. Once documents are ready they are automatically posted back to InTouch, notifying the user, and including any associated costs with the searches
  • Perform KYC/AML checks - Via integrations with the likes of Amiqus, no need to manually enter information as this is posted automatically to their portal
  • APIs/Webhooks - We have a number of webhooks and APIs available meaning you can further integrate with other services as needed, for example, Zapier, or email campaign software

Conveyancing Software Integrations

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"The simplicity of the InTouch conveyancing software design, all adds to a platform that has greatly improved our clients property transaction experience."
Parslows Jersey in the Channel Islands use InTouch conveyancing software
Carl Parslow
"Your product is awesome. One which is lesser-known in the conveyancing world but far simpler & efficient than the other 16 I've worked with."
Easy to use conveyancing case management system
Anza Services LLP
"We have no regrets whatsoever about changing case management systems and would urge others to take a look at what InTouch can do."
Evolve Law conveyancing software testimonial
Marc Lansdell
Easy to use case management software

Easy to use and configure

InTouch is built with the conveyancer in mind, meaning it is both easy to navigate and configure, all without having to write code. This means you can easily update workflows, document templates, and forms to suit the needs of your firm and clients.

  • No-code - easily configure InTouch without writing a single piece of code
  • Fully configurable workflows - Configure your processes and add in automation task to your workflow via our configurable no-code solution
  • Customisable forms and quote tools - Enabling you to capture the information you need at each stage
  • Custom data markers - Easily add new data fields to each matter type to suit your needs
  • Templates - That uses simple data markers and logical statements to suit your needs

Configurable Conveyancing Workflows
Secure Cloud Case Management Software

Benefit from a truly cloud-based case management solution

Being a Software-as-a-Service solution provides a number of benefits compared to on-premise, local, or other alternative solutions.

  • Access from anywhere - Access InTouch at any time and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection - no need to install any software
  • Your data remains secure - Via our trusted partner Microsoft and a number of other services we adhere to the latest in cybersecurity
  • Frequent updates and new features - We listen to our customers and frequently ship a number of new features and improvements every month. InTouch will continually evolve with the needs of our customers - our aim is that you'll never have to change systems again
  • Back-ups - Your data is securely backed up in two different locations via Microsoft Azure, meaning the risk of data loss is incredibly low
  • Financial benefits - An all-encompassing price - no servers to buy/maintain, no maintenance or security patches, no upgrades, no hosting costs

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Cloud-based conveyancing software
Case Management Support

Friendly support and hassle-free onboarding

We offer free, fast, and friendly support together with free onboarding of new customers, to set you up for success from the start and into the future.

  • Friendly support available via email 24/7 - Responses are provided during business hours Monday to Friday by our friendly and knowledgeable product experts
  • Online help documentation - Available to all InTouch users, which is both easily accessible and searchable. Helping you find the article and solution to your specific issue or question, within seconds.
  • Onboarding - We will invest heavily to get you up and running by setting up your bespoke workflows, setting up online forms, and ensuring your documents & precedents can be generated from the case data at the click of a button.
  • Become an InTouch Automation Workflow Expert - During onboarding, we will deliver online one-on-one training sessions with your nominated “Automation Workflow Expert”, free of charge

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