Using conveyancing software to increase automation in property transactions

Automation is a word used frequently within software circles and it makes sense in many aspects, but how does this work within areas that require highly skilled expertise such as conveyancing?

For us the goal of automation is simply to automate and minimise the lower skilled aspects of the processes, such as providing quotes, generating documents, or ordering and managing searches. Conveyancing software can do this by reducing the time and effort involved in manual and time consuming tasks, freeing up your highly skilled staff members to spend more time on the things that really matter, the things that add value to your clients and your business.

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In practice

Automation offers a competitive advantage in many aspects, by way of example, imagine the below scenario;

A potential client is looking for a property lawyer, it is 7 pm on a Friday night, so they do some online research and find two local practices, both with good online reviews.

Practice A provides a breakdown of their fees, costs, and asks the client to call them on Monday morning to get a more accurate quote.

Practice B, however, has an online quote calculator on their site, the client quickly fills in their information and gets a tailored, and instant quote including the accurate fees and disbursement costs for their specific property. The calculator also asks for contact details for the client.

Once the quote has been generated an email is automatically sent to the prospective client to remind them of the quote, it also has a button at the bottom of the email. The button tells them that if they are happy with the quote they can get moving instantly.

Not wanting to wait around for Monday morning the client chooses Practice B and presses the button. The button takes them to an online instruction form, where the client fills in all the information you need to progress the matter, complete with an online esignature. Once the form is completed an automatic email is sent thanking them for their instruction, while providing them with the option to upload copies of their proof of ID via an online portal, they elect to do so.

In the background, all the information entered by the client is stored in the case management system. When the staff at Conveyancer B comes in on Monday morning they have:

  • Won a new client through providing automatic quotes
  • A completed instruction form for review
  • Proof-of-ID documentation so they can begin AML and KYC checks

All without you or your staff having to spend any time manually following-up or keying in details to your system, showing the value of automation and self-serve capabilities. The benefit of having all data stored within the case management system, allows users to pull that data into various documents, precdents or forms from your precedent bank, enabling documents to be generated automatically without the need for manual input.

On Monday morning the staff at Practice B can with only a few clicks generate a client care pack, pulling in the data and information required into the document based on the inputs from the client, saving valuable time and effort.

This is sent to the client via an email, which is automatically generated based on your pre-configured template, addressing them by their name and with clear calls to action. For example, if elected to do so, a call to action to sign the documents with our built-in esignature solution. You can easily see how this doesn’t only save hours of staff time, but also potentially days of ‘dead’ time waiting for documents to be posted.

Further down the line the system can generate fully completed invoices and completion statements based on the information that has already been saved on the system including all receipts and payments. Data is seamlessly sent through to Xero through our client accounting integration.

Why it matters

This type of automation provides a better service to customers, wins more business for law firms, and enables your staff to spend more time on highly skilled work. It leverages technology to give you a competitive advantage.

Although we have come quite some way on the journey to help our clients streamline and automate their processes, there is still a lot more that can be done. We would love to engage with you to understand how automation could add value to your business, and how we could further improve our software to do so.