Frequently Asked Questions

Automate your processes with InTouch conveyancing software

What is InTouch?

InTouch is a conveyancing software and case management solution designed to automate and streamline the administrative tasks involved in the conveyancing process.

It is aimed at making the process more efficient for legal professionals by pre-populating data across various documents and communications, including precedents, emails, letters, quotes, anti-money laundering (AML) checks, conveyancing searches, accounts, and completion statements. This allows users to focus more on the value-adding aspects of their work.

The software facilitates communication with clients through their preferred channels, such as email or SMS, and includes a client portal accessible via web browsers and mobile apps.

It was founded by two home buyers who recognised the potential for technology to improve the conveyancing process for clients, resulting in a mission to enhance property transactions through digital solutions.

InTouch is built on reliable technologies and is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, offering benefits in terms of information security, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

The solution is highly configurable and integrates with a number of tools and services, including two-way, real-time integration with Xero for client and trust accounting, which simplifies compliance reporting and ensures accurate client accounts​.

How does InTouch improve client communication and satisfaction?

Having been conveyancing clients ourselves, both in the past and likely in the future, we embarked on this journey with a distinct perspective. This unique viewpoint, enriched by over a decade of experience and success in the conveyancing industry, is the cornerstone of our mission. You can discover more about our story and how it shapes our approach here. We believe that our blend of personal insight and professional expertise sets us apart in the field.

InTouch improves client communication and satisfaction through several key features and approaches designed to make the conveyancing process more transparent, efficient, and client-friendly. Here are some of the ways it accomplishes this:

  1. Client Portal: InTouch provides a client portal that allows clients to check the status of their cases in real-time, access documents, and communicate directly with their legal team. This portal enhances transparency, giving clients a clear view of their case progress and any actions required from their side.
  2. Email and SMS Updates: The platform enables automated and manual communication via email and SMS directly from within the system. This ensures that clients receive timely updates about their cases, reducing uncertainty and anxiety during the conveyancing process.
  3. Customisable Client Journey: InTouch allows for the customisation of the client journey, ensuring that communication can be tailored to meet the preferences and workflows of individual firms. This can significantly enhance the client experience, making them feel valued and well cared for, with your unique business processes and branding.
  4. Document Sharing and Signing: Clients can easily view, download, and upload documents through the client portal. The platform also facilitates the electronic signing of documents, streamlining the process and saving clients time and inconvenience.
  5. Task and Deadline Visibility: By providing clients with visibility into tasks and deadlines, InTouch ensures that they are always aware of what is happening with their case and what steps need to be taken next. This clarity helps to manage expectations, reduce frustrations and show the true value of every step of the process you undertake for your client.
  6. Secure Communication Channels: Utilising secure channels for communication and document exchange reassures clients about the safety of their personal and sensitive information, fostering trust in the firm’s handling of their case.
  7. Efficiency and Speed: By automating and streamlining many aspects of the conveyancing process, InTouch helps to speed up transactions. This efficiency can directly impact client satisfaction, as it reduces the time to completion and enables a smoother transaction process.
  8. Accessibility: The cloud-based nature of InTouch means that clients can access their case information from anywhere, at any time, via the client portal. This convenience is particularly appreciated by clients in today’s digital and mobile world.

Through these features, InTouch not only enhances the quality and efficiency of communication between legal firms and their clients but also significantly improves the overall client experience. By addressing common pain points in the conveyancing process with technology, InTouch helps firms deliver a higher level of service that meets the modern client’s expectations for accessibility, transparency, and efficiency.

InTouch could significantly benefit your legal firm by enhancing efficiency, improving client communication, and streamlining case management in legal matters. Here’s how:

  1. Automate Workflow: Automate repetitive tasks and manage documents efficiently, reducing manual data entry and the associated risk of errors, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value activities.
  2. Client Communication: Offers modern communication tools, including email and SMS directly from the platform, along with a client portal for easy access to case information, enhancing transparency and client satisfaction.
  3. Real-time Updates and Notifications: Webhooks and API integrations allow for real-time updates and notifications, ensuring your team and clients are always informed about the latest developments in their cases.
  4. Integrated Search Providers: Direct integration with search providers simplifies the process of ordering and managing property searches, saving time and reducing the complexity of transactions.
  5. Cloud-Based: Being hosted on secure cloud servers, it ensures data is accessible anytime, anywhere, offering flexibility and resilience to your firm’s operations.
  6. Client & Trust Accounting: Manage monies on behalf of clients, with your office account, directly from the matter, ensuring funds are segrated, compliant, and synced to Xero for reconciliation with your bank feed.
  7. Financial Management Integration: Integration with Xero streamlines financial transactions and client account management, ensuring compliance and reducing administrative overhead.
  8. Customisable: Offers flexibility and can be tailored to suit the specific needs and workflows of your firm, ensuring it fits perfectly within your existing operations.

By adopting InTouch, your legal firm can expect a more streamlined, efficient, and client-friendly conveyancing process, which can lead to increased productivity, higher client retention rates, and potentially greater profitability.

What features does InTouch offer for conveyancing?

InTouch offers a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically for the conveyancing process, aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and improving client satisfaction. Here’s a detailed look at some of the key features:

  1. Automated Workflow Management: InTouch automates various aspects of the conveyancing process, from initial instruction to post-completion, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.
  2. Document Management: The platform enables easy creation, storage, and management of legal documents, including automated pre-population of forms with client and case information to save time and reduce errors.
  3. Client Portal: Offers a client-facing portal where clients can view the status of their case, upload documents, e-sign documents, complete forms and communicate directly with their legal representative, enhancing transparency and engagement.
  4. Integrated Search Ordering: Direct integration with search providers allows for seamless ordering and management of property searches directly from the platform, streamlining due diligence tasks.
  5. Integrated AML/KYC: streamline compliance and meet regulatory obligations integrated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) tools, reducing the need to rekey vital information about your customers into another platform.
  6. Email and SMS Communication: Enables direct communication with clients via email and SMS from within the platform, ensuring timely updates and responses.
  7. Task and Deadline Management: Helps manage tasks and deadlines with automated reminders, ensuring nothing is missed and helping to keep cases moving forward efficiently.
  8. Risk Management: Highlight high-risk cases and deadlines with a rule-based traffic light system.
  9. Customisable Workflows: the ability to customise workflows to match the specific processes and preferences of your firm, providing flexibility and control over how cases are managed.
  10. Secure Cloud Hosting: Hosted on secure cloud servers, offering reliability, data security, and accessibility from anywhere, facilitating remote work and data protection.
  11. Client/Trust/Office accounting: Manage your client/trust and office ledgers directly on the matter. With key information synced with Xero in real-time
  12. Compliance and Reporting: Provides tools and features to help firms comply with regulatory requirements, including GDPR, and generate reports on various aspects of the conveyancing process.
  13. Real-Time Updates: Utilises webhooks and API integrations for real-time updates and notifications to and from external systems, keeping all stakeholders informed throughout the conveyancing journey.

By leveraging these features, InTouch provides a more efficient, client-friendly conveyancing process, reducing the administrative burden on legal professionals and enhancing the overall experience for both firms and their clients.

Can InTouch be used for other areas of law, outside conveyancing?

Yes. As of January 2024, InTouch is successfully used across 25 different areas of law, in 6 different legal jurisdictions.

InTouch is primarily designed and optimised for the conveyancing process, focusing on streamlining the tasks associated with property transactions. Its features, such as pre-population of data across various documents, communication facilitation through emails, SMS, and a client portal, as well as integrations for anti-money laundering checks and conveyancing searches, are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the conveyancing sector.

However, the flexibility and configurability of the platform, along with its emphasis on automation and efficiency, enables it to be configured for almost any complex workflows.

Yes, InTouch is suitable for small to medium-sized legal firms. Its features and benefits are designed to address common challenges these firms face, making it a valuable tool for improving efficiency, client satisfaction, and overall management of legal processes. Here’s why InTouch is particularly well-suited for smaller and medium-sized practices:

By addressing specific needs related to efficiency, client management, and scalability, InTouch can be a strategic asset for small to medium-sized legal firms looking to streamline their conveyancing processes and grow their businesses.

Is InTouch suitable for enterprise law firms?

Yes, InTouch is suitable for enterprise firms, especially considering its adaptable framework and the capability of its team to tailor the platform to meet the unique needs of larger organisations. Here’s why InTouch stands out as a compelling choice for enterprise-level firms:

Given these considerations, InTouch is not only suitable for enterprise firms but can also become a strategic asset, enhancing the legal process through its adaptable, secure, and integrated platform, supported by a team ready to meet the specific needs of large organisations.

Can InTouch integrate with other systems?

Yes, InTouch can integrate with other systems. It is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of tools and services to enhance its functionality and provide a comprehensive solution for conveyancing professionals. Some of the key integrations include:

Law firms often use a variety of software tools for different aspects of their operations, including document management, client relationship management (CRM), legal research, and compliance. The ability to integrate with such can be crucial for InTouch to fit seamlessly into a firm’s broader technology ecosystem.

For specific integration capabilities or to integrate InTouch with a particular system, contact us.

Does InTouch have an API and Webhooks?

InTouch features a robust HTTPS Restful Application Programming Interface (API) and employs HTTPS webhooks to facilitate dynamic integrations with a myriad of external systems and services. This advanced API architecture is specifically designed to enable both the retrieval and updating of information within legal matters, making it an invaluable tool for automating and streamlining workflows in the legal domain.

Through the API, external applications can access and manipulate data within InTouch, allowing for a seamless flow of information. Additionally, the implementation of webhooks offers real-time notifications and triggers at predefined stages of a legal matter’s workflow, enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of legal operations.

For developers and IT teams at law firms looking to leverage these capabilities, the API documentation is an essential resource. It provides a comprehensive overview of the API’s functionality, detailing the available endpoints, the expected data formats, and the robust authentication mechanisms InTouch uses to ensure secure communication between integrated systems.

To explore the full potential of InTouch’s API and to gain access to the most accurate and detailed documentation, including specifics on available endpoints, data structures, and authentication protocols, please contact us. We can tailor support and insights to help you harness the API for your firm’s unique needs.

How does InTouch keep up with an ever evolving technological landscape?

At InTouch, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, driven by both market intuition and valuable feedback from our users. Our approach to updates and the introduction of new features is a reflection of our dedication to ensuring our platform not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of the conveyancing industry.

Regular Updates: We implement regular updates to the InTouch platform to enhance functionality, security, and performance. These updates are carefully planned to minimize any disruption to your daily operations, deployed outside of peak usage hours.

User-Driven Feature Development: The feedback we receive from our users is a cornerstone of our development process. By listening to the challenges and needs of our clients, we prioritise new features and improvements that provide the most value to our users. This collaborative approach ensures that InTouch remains not just a tool, but a partner in our users’ success.

Training and Support: Understanding that new features can require adjustments in how our platform is used, we offer comprehensive training and support for all updates. Whether through online documentation, live sessions, or direct support from our team, we ensure you have the knowledge and resources to benefit from all that InTouch has to offer.

Future-Focused Innovation: Guided by market trends and the input of our community, we continually explore new technologies and methodologies that can enhance the conveyancing process. Our development cycle is agile, allowing us to adapt quickly and keep our platform at the forefront of the industry.

By prioritising user feedback, maintaining open lines of communication, and providing robust support, we ensure that each update not only enhances the InTouch platform but also supports the growing needs and successes of our clients.

What training and support does InTouch provide?

At InTouch, we understand the importance of providing robust training and support to ensure our clients can effectively utilise our conveyancing software to its fullest potential. To this end, we offer a range of training and support services designed to accommodate the varied needs of our users:

Onboarding: We provide a detailed customised onboarding process for new firms and users, which includes regular contact with a dedicated customer champion, group and one-on-one sessions, and access to help documentation. Our goal is to ensure that your team feels confident and ready to use InTouch from day one.

Customised Training Sessions: Recognising that every firm has unique needs, we offer customised training sessions tailored to the specific requirements of your team. Whether you need in-depth training on certain features or a general overview of the platform, our experts are here to help.

Online Resources and Guides: Our comprehensive knowledge base is regularly updated. These resources are designed to provide quick answers to common questions and guide users through various features and functionalities.

Dedicated Support Team: Our support doesn’t end after the initial training. We have a dedicated support team available to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter. Support can be reached via email, or pre-scheduled phone calls, ensuring you always have access to expert assistance.

96% of support issues are resolved within 24 hours.

Ongoing Updates and Webinars: We continuously improve InTouch with new features and updates. Our clients are kept informed through regular communication, and we offer webinars to introduce and train users on these updates, ensuring you always get the most out of our software.

Feedback board: Users are invited to our feedback which helps direct the future development of InTouch. This ensures that the platform continues to evolve in line with the needs of our users.

We believe that effective training and responsive support are key to the successful implementation and use of InTouch in your conveyancing practice. Our team is committed to providing the support you need to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance client satisfaction.

What is the implementation process like for InTouch?

The implementation process for InTouch varies depending on the firm’s specific needs and readiness for change.

For firms that prefer to start using the system immediately, we can have them set up and operational in a very short time. These firms often choose to adjust and refine their use of the system gradually, discovering efficiencies and adapting their workflows to leverage the full range of features available on the platform.

Such firms typically possess a high degree of adaptability, supported by individuals or teams equipped with the necessary expertise and authority to drive changes in people, processes, and the adoption of InTouch across their organisation.

Conversely, some firms have precise requirements from the outset, necessitating customisations to align InTouch with their established workflows before full deployment. This scenario is common among firms transitioning from another heavily customised software system. While customisation may extend the implementation timeline, our team is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure a seamless implementation that meets your unique needs.

There are also firms that are uncertain about their specific requirements or have only a broad idea of their objectives. Without a designated individual or team to guide the implementation, these firms might find it challenging to rapidly integrate the system with their people & processes. For these clients, we recommend beginning with the standard configuration of InTouch and customising the platform progressively, in baby steps. This approach, the most common and recommended, allows firms to evolve their usage naturally as their team becomes more familiar with the system’s capabilities.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, our goal is to support your firm through a smooth and efficient InTouch implementation, ensuring you derive maximum benefit from our platform.

What are the costs associated with using InTouch?

The costs of using InTouch are primarily structured around a pay-per-case basis, ensuring that you only incur charges for the cases you complete. This model is especially advantageous for smaller firms or those experiencing variable caseloads, as it aligns costs directly with your usage, ensuring maximum cost efficiency and flexibility.

Pricing per case operates on a tiered structure, where the cost per case decreases as the volume of cases you process increases. This tiered pricing is designed to support scalability, making InTouch an increasingly economical option as your firm grows and handles more cases.

An initial setup fee may apply, dependent on the specific requirements and implementation strategy of your firm. Setup costs are typically associated with more bespoke configurations or when a firm lacks the internal resources to manage the implementation process, including the customisation of precedents, emails, forms, and other system components.

It’s important to note that while the pay-per-case model covers the majority of usage costs, additional charges may apply for specific customisations, training, or integrations beyond the standard offering. We aim to maintain transparency regarding all potential costs from the outset, ensuring that you can make an informed decision tailored to your firm’s needs.

For a detailed breakdown of our pricing structure, including any applicable setup fees and information on volume discounts, we encourage you to get in touch with our sales team. We’re here to provide a tailored quote that reflects your firm’s specific circumstances and usage expectations.