Office and Client accounting software for Law Firms

Streamline Compliance

Ensure accuracy with our comprehensive client accounting solution for law firms.

Our cloud-based software automates financial processes, ensuring meticulous transaction recording and real-time tracking.

Designed to meet stringent regulatory standards, it offers robust security features and seamless integration with leading accounting platforms like Xero. Enhance your firm’s efficiency, reduce manual errors, and provide your clients with transparent, accurate financial information.

Trust our solution to handle the complexities of client accounting, so you can focus on delivering exceptional legal services.

Cloud-based client accounting software for law firms, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and integration with Xero.
Integrated client accounting solution for legal matters, automating transaction recording and real-time financial tracking.

Simplify bookkeeping within your legal matters with our integrated client accounting solution. Our software streamlines financial management by embedding accounting functions directly into your case management processes.

Enjoy automated transaction recording, real-time financial tracking, and seamless compliance, all within the same platform you use to manage your legal work. Eliminate the need for a separate client accounting system, reduce manual errors, and ensure your financial records are always accurate and up-to-date.

Focus more on your clients and less on bookkeeping with our all-in-one solution.

Business accounting with Xero

Supercharge your trust accounting with a truly seamless two-way integration with Xero. Every recording of client and office money is immediately synced with Xero, ensuring you can easily reconcile matter’s transactions with Xero’s expansive range of bank integrations, and have your P&L and balance sheet always in sync and up to date.

With InTouch working alongside your Xero account, you take advantage of all the modern day accounting tools available to Xero customers.

Seamless two-way integration with Xero for efficient trust accounting, real-time syncing of transactions, and up-to-date financial records.
Client accounting software for enhanced compliance and security, with automated tracking, audit trails, and customisable regulatory features.

Compliance and Security

Using InTouch client accounting software significantly enhances compliance by ensuring accurate and transparent record-keeping, which is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements. The software automatically tracks all transactions, creating a clear audit trail and minimising discrepancies. Bookkeeping errors and changes are clearly displayed, preparing firms for audits and demonstrating adherence to legal standards.

The software includes customisable features to meet specific regulatory requirements, such as automated reconciliations, compliance checklists, alerts for breaches, and detailed reports for issues in breach. These tools ensure financial activities comply with laws, reducing the risk of non-compliance. Additionally, it generates the necessary compliance reports, saving both time and effort.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalable

Reduce overhead costs associated with traditional accounting methods and infrastructure, benefiting from a subscription-based model that includes regular updates and support.

As a cloud-based solution, our software grows with your business, offering the flexibility to add more clients and users without infrastructure concerns.

Cost-effective, scalable cloud-based accounting software with a subscription model, regular updates, and support for growing businesses.