Conveyancing Mobile App for Clients, Agents and Referrers

The InTouch conveyancing apps exist to provide your clients with a better property transaction experience while reducing the amount of progress chasing phone calls you receive. Our customers report that by utilising our client portal and apps, they have experienced a drop in progress chasing phone calls by up to 40%.

InTouch Conveyancing Mobile App on Android Conveyancing Apple Mobile App
InTouch Mobile App for Conveyancing

Keep clients informed

The apps have all the same functionality as our web-based conveyancing client portal meaning your clients will love the fact that they can:

  • See positive progress updates
  • Understand what progress has been made, what is left to be completed and if any action is required by them
  • Learn and appreciate exactly what each task means and what you are doing for them
  • Get a clear view of the timeline with realistic time frames and expectations set
  • View notes you have shared with them
  • Instantly view documents
  • Upload their own documents & photos - for example, they can take a photo of their ID and upload directly to your matter
  • Quickly and efficiently fill in forms to speed up the process

Conveyancing Mobile App
Manage Referrals with InTouch Conveyancing Software

For referring partners

The InTouch app is completely integrated with our conveyancing software, meaning updates are instant and there is no need to update the status in the app as well as in your case management system.

Your referral partners can use the app to;

  • Send a referral to you via a form, conveniently capturing the key details you need to successfully convert the lead into a client
  • Track progress of all their referrals, reducing progress tracking phone calls
  • Share documentation with you on a matter with a few clicks

Mobile Apps for Conveyancing Clients
Mobile App for Conveyancing

Get your own conveyancing app

The app is a great way to add additional value to your clients and referrers, providing a better and smoother property transaction for all parties involved.

The InTouch conveyancing app is available for all InTouch case management software clients and included in the pricing.

We also offer a white-labeled version providing you with;

  • Your own individual mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Your colour scheme and branding inside the app

Conveyancing Mobile App