Conveyancing Client, Agent & Referrer Online Portal

Transparency and communication are two essential parts of our mission here at InTouch, which also focus on making things better for the end client.

InTouch was first formed by a frustrated house buyer, who did not know what was going on with their property transaction.

The information wasn’t being shared across all parties to ensure a smooth sales progression.

The information was there, it just wasn’t transparent and communication across the chain was lacking.

This sparked the idea for a web portal - an online property transaction portal - that allows clients and other stakeholders, to easily see the status and next step of their transaction.

The idea was that this client portal would keep all stakeholders in touch with how the property was progressing. Thus “InTouch” was born.

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It really helped me to feel that the process was moving on. It updated me by email every time a new development took place and it also showed me what that change was and where it sat in the sequence...
Kathy McArdle
InTouch kept me updated at every step of the conveyancing process, I found it much quicker and easier than last time I bought a house when I had to waste time chasing my Solicitor by phone or even letter. Brilliant software.
Dave Long
This service was very helpful for a very busy person like myself. As you can access this service 24/7 for updates plus system send you an email for any update. Many thanks to my solicitor Michelle O'Shea for introducing this service to me
Samih Malik

The portal allows a conveyancer or estate agent to;

  • Be more transparent by showing key milestones, what they entail, and the current state of the matter
    • The milestones are configurable based on the stakeholder type e.g. a mortgage broker might see a different set of milestones from the client
  • Easily and securely share information by uploading documents such as search reports, fixture and fittings forms, client care letters, etc. to the portal
    • From the client’s side, they could upload ID and proof of address documentation, which links directly to the case management side of InTouch
  • Communicate clearly and flexible by adding notes to the milestones to give stakeholders an update on the latest status
  • Provide timely updates milestones completions and the adding of notes can send out automatic emails to selected stakeholders
  • Provide clients & stakeholders with the ability to track the progress of the matter 24/7 from any device they prefer
  • Electronically sign documents and contracts with our esignature solution

The portal is accessible via any browser and device, or alternatively via our Apple iOS or Android conveyancing apps, which can be white-labeled for your convenience.

A number of our clients have reported up to a 40% drop in progress chasing phone calls since implementing our conveyancing client portal.

To enable happier clients and a more productive workforce, schedule a demo to learn how InTouch can help your firm?

Really impressed with the InTouch Conveyancing platform during my house sale. It kept me informed and reminded me of my responsibilities every step of the way
Gerard Thomas
Amazing software, keep you fully updated and informed throughout the whole process. Really please with it. Would highly recommend it!
Monika Syrek
A very useful way to keep up-to-date with the progress on our hourse purchase without emailing or ringing up
Dan Abraham