Customisable Case Management Workflows

Legal matters generally have a number of high-level milestones that are shared across the industry, but each firm has its own underlying way of achieving these milestones. Done well these internal processes are what set you apart from the competition helping you deliver a better service to your clients. It is therefore of utmost importance that your case management software is able to accommodate your way of doing business.

InTouch is built around the ability of users to easily change and customise their workflows to suit the specific needs of the firm and the clients they serve. We have made a conscious effort to design a user interface (UI) which allows you to adapt and tailor your processes to deliver a better client and staff experience.

Easy to use case management software

No-code - Customise your workflow without writing any code

The InTouch case management software UI is built on a no-code basis, no-code meaning that to change or customise a workflow there is no need to write any code. If you want to change a part of your process, you can simply login to InTouch and make the changes yourself, without requiring the need for software developers.

It opens up the ability for you to try new things, and iterate on them as you learn to provide a better service and a more streamlined internal process.

A good example of this is if you would like to move a task, for example asking for proof of ID to an earlier stage in the process. To accommodate this you simply need to edit your matter template and drag the task up the order, click save, and voila the next matter that is created will be created with the updated order.

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Flexibile case management workflows

Case by case flexibility

All matters are unique and have slightly different requirements, although you might have a good general process in place, it is important to be able to tailor it to suit the specific needs of your client.

InTouch allows you to easily adapt the process to suit those specific circumstances by;

  • Easily add new tasks to the case by a click of the button, as you discover new information
  • Use conditional tasks to only include certain tasks in your workflow if certain conditions are met, for example, ask for additional information if there is a gifted deposit used to fund a property transaction
  • Use IF/ELSE statements in emails, documents, and communication to tailor communications specific to the matter - for example, the inclusion of a referral fee paragraph in your client care letter which only inserts the paragraph, with the correct details where applicable excluding it otherwise

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Conveyancing task list

Tasks that let you do more inside your workflow

InTouch offers an ever-growing type of tasks within our case management system, to make life easier for our users, such as;

  • Standard tasks - confirmation that something has been completed - with an audit record of who completed it and when, this is also recorded for all other tasks
  • Create a document - using configurable templates InTouch pulls through the necessary information already saved on the case, with the ability to manually amend if ever necessary
  • Send email - from a pre-configure template or free form - sent directly from your email via the InTouch UI. Replies are automatically added to the case and the user is prompted to review
  • Send and receive SMS - send SMS to your stakeholders via InTouch, replies are automatically added to the matter
  • Form completion - Enable clients, staff, or stakeholders to complete an online form to capture key information, such as instructions, AML documentation, Proof of funds, etc.
  • Esignatures - ask stakeholders to sign forms or documents digitally, with our eIDas compliant electronic signature solution
  • Create invoice - With a direct link to Xero you can create an invoice directly by clicking a task in InTouch, or use a document template to generate the invoice if you prefer
  • Order searches - with a click of a button order your property searches from InTouch without the need to fill in the same information again
  • Hyperlinks - use hyperlinks on a task within the UI to take you to third-party sites e.g. to access a form library or an intranet page
  • AML check - complete anti-money laundering checks via a third-party service provider integration

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Customisable Conveyancing Software

Managing Stakeholders

Through the InTouch client and stakeholder portal, you can keep all stakeholders informed of progress on a matter. Our customisable workflows enable you to decide which milestones should be shared with which stakeholders, making the process more transparent and convenient for all parties involved. Client and estate agents are generally interested in different things, InTouch makes it easy to keep all stakeholders informed.

You can easily add new stakeholder categories to a specific matter template with a few clicks to suit the needs of each case type. You are likely to have different stakeholders for a property purchase compared to a sale, one example of such being potential giftors.

This allows you to manage any type of matter, for any area of law, with any amount of stakeholders in a clear and convenient manner.

InTouch Case Management Software
Case Management Prioritisation

Manage workloads and ensure compliance

InTouch comes with a built-in and customisable, traffic light system allowing you to configure the system to prompt its users to take action. When a user logs in they can see their caseload and any matters that require attention based on your pre-configured rules or manually added tasks/alerts with an Amber and Red status to help with prioritisation.

This is incredibly helpful in a variety of situations;

  • Lead conversion - ensure that any leads you have received are followed up in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure the highest possible level of conversion
  • Key dates - property transactions often suffer from delays, by tracking key dates such as mortgage offer expiry, you can configure the system to give you prompts when the date is getting closer to help you take mediating actions
  • Follow-ups - You’ve sent enquiries to the otherside solicitor but have not heard back from them in X days, the system automatically prompts you to follow-up with them to ensure the matter stays on track

This helps you and your staff to easily prioritise their workload while reducing mistakes and ensuring compliance.

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Conveyancing Software Automation

Case Management Automation

Automation of administrative tasks enables your firm to provide a better service by empowering your staff to spend more time on value-adding work.

Automation is a key mission objective of ours which spans everything from sharing information, automatic matter updates, document generation, and client self-serve capabilities among other things.

See this link to learn more about how InTouch conveyancing software enables value-driving automation.

InTouch Conveyancing Automation Software
InTouch Case Management API

Integrations, APIs, and Webhooks

InTouch is built with an API-first methodology which means tasks and actions within InTouch can trigger third-party software to perform even more actions.

We also offer extensive integration with a number of third-party services and providers.

Case Management Software Integrations
Conveyancing Software Set Up

Setup and training

As part of onboarding, the InTouch team will work with you to set up workflows that suit your needs, together with a number of document templates and online forms. We will invest time with your nominated Automation Workflow Expert, to train on the case management system, enabling you to easily configure the system yourself without any help required from us.

If you need help our free, friendly, and fast support are always there to assist.

This allows you to refine your processes over time to deliver better and more convenient services for your clients, providing you with a competitive advantage.

Case management workflow configuration