Dynamic document generation and precedent bank

InTouch conveyancing software generates documents from your precedent bank, that automatically populate key pieces of information, such as names and addresses. Built-in logic enables the inclusion or exclusion of paragraphs based on conditions of the matter, giving you a dynamic and flexible precedent bank.

This means there is no need to manually enter information into the documents, making life easier for the case management system’s users.

Digital Precdent Bank

Paperless case management

All documents, emails, text messages, and form completions are automatically saved and stored on the matter within InTouch. This means that there is no need to keep a thick paper file for your matters, making it easier to find the information you need. You can attach new documents not generated within the case management system directly from your email, word, or simply upload it to the matter.

Dynamic Conveyancing Document Bank
esignatures for conveyancing

Easily edit and update your document bank

Making changes or creating new documents is simple with InTouch. Simply insert data markers into a word document, or write some logic within your word document and upload it to InTouch. The software also checks logic and data markers when uploading it, highlighting any potential errors. Helping you build a better precedent bank.

If there is still a need to make manual amendments, you can generate a word file, the system populates all the fields and applies your logic, which you can then edit if needed and just upload it back to the matter via our Word add-in.

You can also configure the system to fill in forms on your behalf such as Land Registry documents.

Dynamic AP1 Generation
Case Management Email Integration

Emails and text messages

You can also create email templates and SMS templates within the software in the same fashion using logic and data markers to auto-populate with the information you want to pull through. This is a great feature allowing you to send automatic communications to your stakeholders addressing them by name and containing the information you want to share without the need for users to take action.

Read more on automation in conveyancing here.

Mobile Apps for Conveyancing Clients
Conveyancing Cloud Back-up

Benefit from the Cloud

Being cloud-based there is no limit to the number of documents you can save to a matter. You also benefit from being able to access your documents from anywhere while resting assured they are both safe and there is no data loss thanks to geo-replication and multiple back-ups.

Read more on the benefits of being cloud-based here.

Cloud-based case management software
Property Transaction Electronic Signature

Sign documents electronically

Our esignature solution allows you to request an electronic signature of any document created or uploaded to the matter. Saving you and your staff time and providing a better client experience.

Read more about our esignature solution here.

Esignature Conveyancing
Flexibile case management workflows

Flexible data fields to suit your needs

Our case management software allows you to easily create new data fields for each matter type or for stakeholders without the need to write any code. These then automatically become available for you to include in any documents or emails. This means you there are endless possibilities in what information you can pull from the matter into your documents.

If the information needed for the document is not already stored on the matter, the user will simply be prompted to enter that information at that point in time.

Conveyancing software workflow management
Conveyancing Workflow Customisation

Logic and data helpers for dynamic documents

InTouch allows you to insert logic into documents to aid automation accounting for specific conditions of each matter. Using a simple IF statement you can include a paragraph if the condition is met, excluding the paragraph otherwise. For example the inclusion of a referral fee paragraph, with the referrer's details and the referral amount using data markers, if applicable, leaving the paragraph out if not.

More complex logic can also be applied for example ELSEIF, FOREACH, CALC, DATETIME, and more, making your precedent templates dynamic.

Case management workflow configuration