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Empower your legal practice with InTouch, where efficiency, security, and simplicity converge to transform your legal case management.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud-based legal case management software, InTouch, transforms how legal professionals work. With seamless access from any location—whether at home, in the office, or on the move—our robust solution ensures you can always reach your critical files through web browsers and mobile apps. Experience true flexibility that adapts to your busy lifestyle and diverse working conditions.

Cloud Based Case Management System
Lower costs with cloud based case management

Dramatically Lower IT Costs

Transition to a smarter spending model with InTouch’s SaaS subscription service. Say goodbye to expensive hardware, ongoing maintenance, and IT headaches. We handle all the backend concerns, reducing your capital expenses and turning them into predictable operating costs. Without the need for an in-house IT team, you save significantly, freeing up resources to enhance client service delivery.

Scalability and Seamless Integration

As your practice grows, InTouch grows with you. Effortlessly handle increasing work volumes or expand your team without the hassle of upgrading hardware or software. Our platform integrates flawlessly with tools like Xero, InfoTrack, Word, Outlook, streamlining your operations without the complexity of system upgrades.

Integrate, scale, & grow your legal case management system

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"I was immediately impressed with how self-explanatory InTouch is to use"
Bird And Co Solicitors LLP using InTouch conveyancing software
Chris Jeyes
Director of business development
"The InTouch system is very easy to use, provides a smooth streamline working environment with adaptable aspects enabling us to tailor the package specifically to both our and our client’s needs. In today’s technological world it is imperative."
Murray Hills Solicitors in Yorkshire use InTouch conveyancing software
Keith Murray
"Thanks for another year of using your wonderful system. Makes all our lives much easier!"
First Class Legal uses InTouch conveyancing case management software
Karen and Andrew
Alway have the latest version of your legal case management system

Continuous Updates and Upgrades

Stay current with the least effort. InTouch manages all software updates and upgrades, ensuring you always operate with the latest features and comply with the most recent standards—no extra costs, no downtime.

secure case management

Unmatched Security

Hosted on Microsoft Azure’s secure servers, InTouch provides a level of security typically out of reach for small to medium-sized firms. Enjoy top-tier data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity strategies that safeguard your sensitive legal data.

User-friendly legal case management software

User-Friendly Design

Our platform is built for ease. InTouch is intuitively designed, minimizing the learning curve and reducing the time spent on training. Maintenance is our responsibility, not yours, freeing up your team to focus on what matters most—your clients.

enhance client communication

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

InTouch enhances how your team and clients connect and collaborate. Communicate via preferred channels such as email or SMS directly from our platform, ensuring streamlined workflows and improved client satisfaction.

Centralised cloud storage

Centralised Data Management

Say farewell to data discrepancies and errors. Our centralised cloud storage ensures that everyone accesses the same updated and accurate information, crucial for the precision required in legal matters.

Legal case managment system real time updates

Real-Time Data Updates

InTouch updates information in real-time across all devices, ensuring that all stakeholders—from team members to clients—have access to the most current data during fast-paced legal matters.

backup and disaster recovery

Robust Data Protection

Prevent data redundancy and loss with InTouch. Our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions mean that in the event of a system failure, your data is quickly restored, ensuring continuous business operations.

Secure data storage for your legal matters

Superior Data Security

InTouch goes beyond basic security measures, offering stringent data protection strategies that include encryption and secure data transmission protocols to prevent unauthorised access and breaches.