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InTouch is an advanced all-in-one conveyancing case management solution built with the property lawyer in mind.

It is based upon reliable technologies that provides an unbeatable software service for conveyancers.

As a part of that InTouch comes fully integrated with a number of tools and services to make life easier for our customers and their clients.

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Order your searches seamlessly

Through our API we are integrated with a large number of search providers making the process better for all involved parties.

  • Order searches with only a few clicks
  • Data is automatically sent to the search provider, pre-populating necessary fields - meaning less data entry for you and your staff
  • Keep track of the status of your searches within InTouch
  • Completed searches are automatically posted back to the matter on InTouch
  • When using our accounts solution incurred search costs are automatically posted to the matter for you to handle
  • Complete AML and KYC checks

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Land Tax and Land Registry Submissions

Through our integrated third party service providers, such as Infotrack, you can submit forms and key information to government bodies such as Land Registries, and Tax Authorities. As with all integrations InTouch automatically populates relevant fields into your submissions to ensure a smooth and hassle free process.


Client and Business Accounting with Xero

Our real time sync with Xero you can be assured that you have the most user-friendly approach to your disbursements, client accounting & VAT/GST submissions.

  • Manage the transaction directly through InTouch with debit and credit posted directly into Xero
  • Direct links to corresponding Xero postings
  • Designed in line with SRA and CLC guidelines
  • Office and Client ledgers for each matter
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • Option for automatic creation of receivables for searches and on matter opening/quotation
  • and much more!

InTouch Sync With Xero
InTouch Conveyancing Communication

Communicate with ease

InTouch allows you to communicate with all your stakeholders with ease through our integrated communication channels.

  • Send and receive emails via InTouch directly on your matter, through your individual email account, by integrating via Gmail or Microsoft Exchange
  • Send and receive text messages (SMS) from the InTouch user interface
  • Share documents, updates and requests via our seamlessly integrated stakeholder web portal
  • Our mobile apps for iPhone and Android makes it even simpler to engage with your stakeholders wherever they are

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Word and Outlook Add-ins

Attach documents and emails directly from Word our Outlook to the relevant matter on InTouch through our specifically built InTouch add-ins. All done with a few simple clicks of a button.

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InTouch Conveyancing Automation

Do even more with our APIs and Webhooks

For our enterprise customers we offer access to our API and Webhooks allowing you to do even more through third party integrations. This allows you to trigger actions in InTouch via an action taken in any Or an action taken in InTouch could trigger an action within a third party software. A couple of examples;

  • Zapier auto generates a social media post which is automatically posted when a matter completes
  • Following completion a timer is automatically set within your CRM to check in with your client after a month, the timer then automatically triggers an email/SMS in InTouch to the client directly from the fee earner

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