Improving Communication within Property Transactions

Both clients and lawyers know that property transactions can be complex, they usually involve a large number of stakeholders with a lot of information changing hands. This can cause a lot of confusion for clients and professionals alike, leading to unwanted delays and frustration. Therefore communicating clearly is often key to delivering a good service to your clients, if done correctly it will reduce transaction time and make the process smoother for all involved.

The idea for InTouch was first conceived due to the frustration of the founder in having had two house purchases fall through, at least of them avoidable if communication had been better. As a software developer our founder recognised that the root to some of the problems he experienced, was a problem of information, a problem that could be resolved with information technology (IT).

This led him to set out on a journey to solve that problem starting in 2012, the InTouch stakeholder portal was born. Providing a portal where all stakeholders could be invited to to easily share information and update each other on progress on each transaction.

This allows each stakeholder to easily see what is happening on the matter, significantly reducing the need to chase and follow-up on next actions. A number of clients have reported a drop of up to 40% in inbound phone calls after implementing the portal.

The portal has come a long way since then but the fundamentals remain the same, it is about giving transparency to the stakeholders, communicating with them in an easy way to ensure communication is open.

The portal allows a conveyancer or estate agent to easily share information by for example;

  • Directly share documentation for example search reports, fixture and fittings forms, client care letters etc.
  • Show key milestones, which can vary depending on the stakeholder type e.g. a referee such as a mortgage broker might see one set of milestone and the client a different
  • Provide more information about each milestone to help clients better understand what the task involves
  • Add notes to the tasks to give stakeholders and update
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Elsewhere within our case management system, each milestone can trigger an automatic update to be sent to each stakeholder once; a task is completed, a note is added or a new document is shared. The update is configurable and can differ depending on the stakeholder.

The expectations of clients have changed over time as technology has advanced, being able to communicate and engage with service providers in a digital way is now the norm. As such InTouch conveyancing software also offers;

  • 2-way SMS
  • Integration with your email to send and receive emails directly from the case management system
  • Electronic signatures
  • Online customisable forms enabling self-serve
  • Sharing of documents via a few clicks of a button

All this together enables you to adopt a more proactive approach to communication, making the transaction more transparent, while automating administrative tasks. Ultimately leading to a better customer experience and a more efficient practice.

If you want to explore how our system can help your business improve communications, contact us at