Streamlining Legal Operations at MOV8 Real Estate

MOV8 Real Estate is a full-service legal and estate agency firm, catering to clients across Scotland since 2007. With a team of around 50 staff members, they operate from offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The company prides itself on its customer-centric approach, transparency, social responsibility, and commitment to innovation.

Challenges Faced

MOV8 Real Estate encountered several challenges with their previous system. The system lacked essential features such as sending templated emails. It was very slow and offered no scope for developing integrations with external platforms, hindering efficiency and productivity.

An increasing importance to Mov8 was the ability to work within their own case management system as the primary source of truth, whilst allowing external systems to be updated automatically, due to significant increase in recent years in the amount of administration within the conveyancing space, with a variety of platforms such as LMS and Lender Exchange, as well as the Government channels, requiring more reporting on reaching milestones within a case.

Choosing InTouch

Mov8 started researching the market place with key components of what they were looking – innovative, cloud based, webhooks & API’s to allow synchronisation and integration with other software platforms.

What made InTouch stand out to Mov8 was the clear and easy user interface and what looked to be a platform that was constantly improving and open to client feedback.

“Many of the existing software solutions out there are only available to law firms significantly larger than ours. The set up costs alone can run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

InTouch from the outset seemed to have a longer-term view of the software and to be committed to the software for the longer term, rather than it being just one of a few products that they were developing.

Migrating from one software system to another is beyond painful, particularly in a regulated legal sector space. We needed something that, once we were up and running and had our users trained on it, it would be our ongoing system for years to come.”

Key Features and Benefits

The ability to build integrations through InTouch’s API and webhooks emerged as the most appealing feature for MOV8 Real Estate. The software’s clear and intuitive user interface, coupled with ongoing support from the InTouch team, facilitated a smooth implementation process. Users appreciated the modernity and efficiency of the system compared to their legacy software.

“We wouldn’t be able to work without the Xero and Microsoft integrations. Coupled with the Amiqus and First Scottish integrations, InTouch provides great efficiencies to us”.

Productivity Gains and Cost Reductions

Since implementing InTouch, MOV8 Real Estate has witnessed significant improvements in productivity and cost-effectiveness. Custom task lists and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook/Word have streamlined workflows for case managers, enabling them to accomplish tasks efficiently within a few systems. Additionally, the transparency in costs and flexible billing plans have provided financial benefits to the company. The API’s InTouch provide allow Mov8 to extract the data on a daily basis and run custom reports on it.

“It has been hugely beneficial to view the data in a way that we want and it helps us make more informed decisions”.

The webhooks InTouch also supply open things up to Mov8 which are great for triggering internal notifications and populating third party case trackers.

Measurable Improvements

MOV8 Real Estate has experienced tangible improvements since adopting InTouch:

Impressions of InTouch

MOV8 Real Estate commends InTouch for not only providing technical support but also offering advice on potential solutions using the system’s features. Mov8 commends the willingness of the InTouch team to listen to feedback and suggestions for system enhancements, and their advice on system issues which aren’t necessarily in their control such as with Microsoft Word.

Future Plans

While there are no immediate plans for expansion, MOV8 Real Estate aims to eventually extend the use of InTouch beyond conveyancing services. They have already begun utilisng the system for private client work and recognise its potential for further expansion.

Forms with InTouch

The introduction of the new form builder has enabled MOV8 Real Estate to create streamlined and customised forms for internal and client-facing use.

The Conditional logic applied to questions means a form is only as long as it needs to be.

“This has been particularly useful in forms where we require a lot of information.

Our Source of funds form used to be extremally lengthy, regardless of the complexity of the transaction, each client was presented with the same form. Now we can tailor the form to the transaction so each individual client and case are met with a simpler form with fewer questions.

This leads to less for us to review, making the experience better for both sides”.

Data capture is a huge part of what Mov8 does and having the ability to review this data before it updates a matter means that Mov8 can keep their data capture process within the one system without fear of a client updating a matter with incorrect data.


InTouch has emerged as a transformative solution for MOV8 Real Estate, revolutionising their legal operations and enhancing productivity. By seamlessly integrating with existing platforms and offering robust features, InTouch has empowered the company to deliver exceptional service to its clients while driving efficiency and growth.