At the forefront of every conveyancers’ mind right now is Cyber Security. Almost each month we hear about a new story.

At InTouch, we have to be incredibly diligent about security. From the processes our staff follow to the way in which our software is engineered.

Security practices change continually to keep the bad guys at bay, so every firm needs to continually improve.

In software demonstrations, one question I always get asked is “what security measures do you take?”

I’m pleased when this is asked, because it shows that solicitors and conveyancers are putting Cyber Security at the top of their agenda.

With The Cloud, the security measures in place are often more robust, more tested, and easier to follow than a traditional multi practice set up. For example, there is no risk of your servers using outdated software because you forgot to handle the new patch/update or because it required additional cost. Think of the cloud as your wing man, it handles that stuff for you. With our Cloud, the problems of updates and maintenance disappear.

What was secure in 2009 may not be best practice in 2016, or 2021… What’s important is that the team moves with the goal. That’s what we do. We evolve and adapt to make sure that we are following the best standards, and the best practices. We document some of our practices here to help aid people when deciding which conveyancing case management system is for them.