Conveyancing Client Accounts

Maintaining compliant accounts is a complex process to learn, understand, and ensure actions are performed correctly every time. It requires knowledge of both accounting and compliance to do it properly.

InTouch Office & Client Accounts, combined with Xero, including the power of; integrated bank feeds, expense management apps and payroll makes keeping compliant conveyancing accounts a whole lot simpler.

In fact, a lot of our clients have chosen to bring cashiering and accounting back in-house following the introduction of InTouch conveyancing software.

Client Accounts for Conveyancing In Touch Conveyancing Software

Keep compliant

In-depth reporting capabilities within our conveyancing case management software, ensures you don’t miss outstanding balances with a matter report.

Any recorded account breaches automatically notify your compliance team, ensuring swift action is taken to remedy the situation.

The InTouch/Xero conveyancing client accounts integration is built around checks and balances, ensuring human errors are kept to a minimum, for example, you are unable to close a matter until the client and office ledgers have been balanced.

InTouch is fully compliant with HMRC's Making Tax Digital initiative.

InTouch Conveyancing Software
Conveyancing Making Tax Digital

Simplifying the conveyancing client accounts process

Raising invoices, and paying invoices from client accounts has never been quicker. Now you can make sure you're moving your client money to the office quicker, improving cashflow, and helping compliance.

No more clunky importing/export spreadsheets and CSV of your office and client account information. InTouch will automate this via automatic postings to Xero with the latest information in real-time.

Automate ledger receivables by automatically creating the correct entries for example when generating a quote or when ordering searches without the need to re-enter that information again. Read more on conveyancing case management automation here.

Conveyancing Client Accounting In Touch Case Management
Client Accounting Software

Integrated with Xero

Supercharge your conveyancing accounting with a truly seamless two-way integration with Xero. Every recording of client and office money is immediately synced with Xero, ensuring you can easily reconcile matter transactions with Xero’s bank integrations, and submit PAYE/VAT with the click of a button.

All the correct book-keeping entries are made in Xero automatically as they are entered into InTouch, automatically for example when ordering searches or by an action recorded by a user.

Xero combined with InTouch is the best accounts package out there for conveyancers. Our integration is based on a real-time API and not batched up, meaning that always see an accurate reflection of your accounts.

InTouch Conveyancing Software Integrates with Xero