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Improve transparency, communication and automation in the property transaction, meaning higher completion rates, fewer delays and happier customers.

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We all know house sales can be complex; with a large number of stakeholders and with loads of information changing hands. This is confusing to both buyers and sellers, often leading to unwanted delays and transactions falling through.

At InTouch we believe that by increasing transparency and improving communication these problems can be overcome. Helping estate agents complete more sales with fewer delays.

InTouch Conveyancing Transparency


The InTouch portal keeps your customers informed on what is happening with their house sale/purchase. It gives clear directives on the next steps to the purchaser or vendor, clearly explains what is happening and any actions they need to take to move things along. You, and other stakeholders can also easily share information securely via the portal meaning there is no need to post documents and forms for completion.

Improve communication in property transactions
In TouchCommunication Conveyancing Software


The best agents give control back to their clients through great communication, by the method that the clients want, in a timely manner. Our portal allows all stakeholders to better understand where in the process they are, and what is needed from them to complete.

You can easily communicate across stakeholders not only in the portal but also through integrating your email, sending and receiving text messages directly from the user interface.

InTouch Case Management Software
Conveyancing Software Automation


InTouch allows you to create your own bespoke workflow, with the tasks required to be completed by your staff or by the system. For example you can set an email to automatically send to a stakeholder when a certain action is completed. Or collect information from them by using an online form, which can be automatically shared with the stakeholders which need it instantly.

Conveyancing Workflow Software

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InTouch is already used by a number of forward thinking estate agents as their key tool in Sales Progression. To find out more how our software could help you close more sales, book a demo with us today.