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We are living in an evermore online and digital world, with consumers expecting to be able to interact with all aspects of life through digital means. Online conveyancing is no exception. We work with many forward-thinking law firms to deliver a better online conveyancing experience for both their clients and their staff, utilising self-serve, and automation tools to make life easier for all involved. The InTouch conveyancing software and case management solution enables online conveyancing for its users and their clients by;

Quote Calculator Conveyancing

Online conveyancing quote calculation

Our customisable quote calculator allows potential clients to easily fill in their information to receive accurate estimates of your specific fees and disbursements, including the automatic calculation of property tax, without the need for human intervention.

See an example of one used by our client Evolve Law here;

The calculator can easily be embedded on your website, on a referrers website, or be accessed via our mobile apps.

Let’s say a referring agent wants to give a quote or pass on a lead while showing a property to a potential client - then they can do this via the mobile app.

The calculator can be configured to capture contact details for direct follow up by your team, and/or to send an automatic email to the client reminding them of the quote with a clear next step to instruct you online.

Conveyancing Quote Calculator InTouch
Conveyancing File review

Customisable online forms

Property transactions are based on gathering information, with our case management system you can offer a digital experience to your clients by replacing paper forms with online digital forms. Examples utilised can include things such as;

  • Completion of an instruction form - including electronic signing
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Source of funds
  • Proof of ID for know your customer and anti-money laundering checks

The forms are highly customisable and you can utilise them as needed to fit your processes and the needs of varying matter types.

These forms can easily be sent to clients via email, automatically or manually, to complete. Or they can access it through our online conveyancing client portal. Making the process both quicker and easier for the client and your staff.

All data inputted by stakeholders are stored directly to the InTouch database which means you can utilise that information anywhere, for example, to automatically create a client care letter with only a few clicks of a button.

Conveyancing Online Forms
Property Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures (esignatures)

InTouch has developed an eIDas compliant esignature solution, allowing clients and stakeholders to sign documents or our customisable forms digitally.

This can significantly speed up the process as there is no need to send/post documents, print, sign, and then scan and send/post the documents back to you. This is a key building block in moving from a paper-based to a digital conveyancing process.

Esignature Conveyancing
InTouch secure document sharing for coneyancers

Online conveyancing client portal

Communicating well is important to deliver a good client experience, digital tools can play an important role in doing so well, and if done right delivers a better customer experience.

The InTouch conveyancing client portal delivers a number of benefits to both you and the client’s digital experience by:

  • Transparently showing the current status and next steps of the process
    • Steps are fully configurable by the law firm
    • Explainer notes can be added and amended to help the customer understand what you are doing
    • Notes can be given on each milestone to give updates to all stakeholders
    • Removes the need for progress chasing phone calls
    • Any actions required by the client can be made clear
    • Works well for all stakeholders involved, which can also have different process steps shown, such as estate agents or referrers
  • The ability for clients, stakeholders, and staff to upload and share documents which are directly linked to the matter e.g.
    • Proof of ID documentation
    • Signed documents
    • Search results/reports
    • Complete outstanding forms as explained earlier

Conveyancing Client Portal
InTouch Mobile App for Conveyancing

Conveyancing Mobile Apps

InTouch offers client conveyancing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. These can be the standard InTouch application or a white-labeled version.

This experience enables stakeholders and clients to track progress and complete actions on their mobile devices just as they could on the browser-based client portal. In addition, it also allows users to take pictures with their device and upload this straight to the matter, offering an improved digital conveyancing experience.

Conveyancing Mobile App
Conveyancing Software SMS Integration

Multi-channel Communication

InTouch conveyancing software allows users to communicate with clients via their preferred channel for example through integration with your email client or by use of 2-way SMS capabilities, you can also send updates to the client portal accessed via any browser or the mobile apps. Learn more about improved communication within conveyancing here.

Mobile Apps for Conveyancing Clients
Conveyancing Software Automation

Automatic updates

As soon as a milestone is completed, a new document is shared or a note is added, you can send an automated message to your client, or any other stakeholder you choose. This digitally notifies them of the progress made on their conveyancing matter, ensuring they are aware of the status of the matter and any next steps required to keep the transaction progressing.

Learn more about automation within conveyancing here.

Automatic Matter Updates for Conveyancers
Cloud-based conveyancing software

An ever improving digital experience

As a Software-as-a-service provider, we offer automatic updates and new features to our clients on a regular basis. Our mission to deliver an exceptional conveyancing client experience means that we are constantly adding new ways for you to deliver a better online conveyancing experience to your clients. Read more about the benefits of the cloud on our security page or frequently asked questions page.

InTouch Conveyancing Automation Software