New Year means a lot of people are thinking about moving house – it’s one of the top 10 resolutions, according to The Independent.

Whatever the market is like, this is a time of year when thoughts turn naturally to the future, and the place we live is an important part of how many of us picture the years ahead.

In practice, that dream can become an unpleasant reality, as the process of purchase becomes – from the perspective of those involved in a chain – all about smoke and mirrors.

You as a conveyancer might be aware of how different phases of the process are unfolding, and feel just fine. Often, those who will be moving say they experience considerable anxiety due to a lack of information.

There’s a mismatch there – between professionals with the knowledge they need, and clients who lack it.

Whatever the rights and wrongs are of who should know what, reality is that stress created by the current situation could mean the potential for repeat business is lost.

Which is another way of saying “I’ll take this money from an aggrieved customer now and wave goodbye to any more of their money in the future because they’ve gone elsewhere.”

The average Brit moves 8 times according to Zoopla, and ends up 63 miles from their birthplace. It’s reasonable to assume that a high percentage of clients can become life long clients.

It’s particularly frustrating when the ability to change that situation is in your hands – literally, in the form of InTouch, which can work on a smartphone, and keeps relevant parties updated about precisely what stage a purchase is at.

Not only are clients experiencing peace of mind thanks to being in the loop about progress, you won’t be fielding phone calls from them on a regular basis when they’re asking in a frustrated or even angry fashion just what is going on.

All things considered, isn’t it time to look at your own New Years Resolutions, and at least consider investigating the benefits of InTouch?