Do you work with referrers? Not everybody does and that’s ok, but if you do and want to find an easy way for referrers to send you new business.

One way to work with referrers is to give them the tools to make their life easy. After all, you don’t want to pay more than your competitors to get referrers to work with you. Providing them with easy to use tools and great communication may persuade them.

A few ways to help get referrers on board are:

  • Offer an easy to use online form which the referrer can fill in, in less than 2 minutes - No need for emails or phone calls
  • Provide tools - Wouldn’t it be great if this form could be filled in on a mobile app? - For example, enabling estate agents to refer business on-the-go
  • Offer value - Wouldn’t it be great if this form was co-branded and could be accessed on their website by prospects?
InTouch Conveyancing Mobile Apps

A referral partnership done well can prevent the need for entering the same data multiple times and forcing prospects to repeat information.

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