Unfortunately, 2021 has not started in the way we all hoped. Covid has gone crazy again and for our own safety, we have all been advised to work from home. I personally believe working from home is like marmite. You either love it or hate it.

Even if you love the office environment you have to admit, there are a few perks to working from home: No travel time, being surrounded by your home comforts, safe from the virus, being able to work flexible hours, and more time to walk the dog!

However, fail to prepare to work from home and prepare to fail. Below I have written my top 10 tips on how to successfully work from home

1. Get started early.

    With no travel time, you can get started at your computer very quickly. The longer you put off turning on your computer the less motivated you will feel. Get started and get projects ticked off before your second cup of coffee!

    2. Dress like you are going to the office.

      You may not feel like putting on your “work” clothes but trust me, you become much more productive when you dress like you can take over the world. Step out of your joggers and get that shirt on!

      3. Workspace.

        Pick your workspace and if you can make sure it’s clutter-free. If you choose to work on your sofa with the TV on and laundry which needs folding scattered around you, you will not succeed! Step away from your day to day tasks and commit to completing a project free from distractions. Having a dedicated workspace also helps you “switch-off” when you are done with work for the day.

        4. Don’t stay at home.

          Use your allowed exercise wisely. Get out of the house and breathe in the fresh air. You will feel much better for it, I promise!

          5. Communicate.

            Ensure you are set up to stay in constant communication with your team. It can get very lonely if you don’t speak to anyone for a few hours! Why not set aside some time

            6. Use technology like a pro.

              Ensure you have the correct systems in place. InTouch enables conveyancers to be able to work from home because all the case files are stored in one secure place at the click of a button. If you are still lugging around huge case files,not only are you not working efficiently but you are also going to struggle to stay on top of your workload.

              7. Treat yourself to a nice lunch.

                When you’re stuck in an office, you might be used to taking in soup every day. No need to continue this boring trend! Get your creative juices flowing and treat yourself to a lovely lunch from your kitchen.

                8. Take breaks.

                  Ensure you step away from your computer and walk around the house. It will be tempting to scroll social media, but resist! Time away from your computers gives you a chance to recharge.

                  9. Embrace change.

                    It will be different for you working from home but embrace the change and you may come to love it.

                    InTouch is a cloud-based case management system designed to help conveyancers work from any device in any location. If you are interested in learning how InTouch can help you work from home, contact dale@intouch.cloud.

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