When you capture a lead for your firm, what is your communication strategy to convert them?

Technology should allow you to easily communicate with potential clients through a variety of channels.

With InTouch, there are lots of ways to engage with your potential client making it easier to convert them from a prospect to a paying client.


Send follow-up emails directly from your case management system, and directly from your business email account, and not a no-reply address. This means the prospect can reply directly to you, enabling you to have a conversation adding a personal touch.

Utilise email templates to create emails with a single click of a button saving you valuable time. The emails should automatically pull key information such as name, and property address through so there is no need to make any edits.

Being able to send an automatic email when a task is completed is also very useful, for example by sending an instruction form, or a simple thank you note, to a prospect after they’ve received a quote. This enables them to self-serve and might win you the business without lifting a finger.

Text Messages

Text messages can be very useful in nudging the potential client to convert. By way of example imagine that you attempted to call them but were unable to reach them, instead of simply trying again, why not send them a text message telling them who you are and why you tried to reach them, urging them to call you back on your number.

Just like with the emails you can have text message templates stored so you can send one with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Text messages should also provide 2-way support, meaning that the prospect can reply to your message replies which you receive in your inbox and inside of InTouch giving you the opportunity to reply back. We have seen many clients convert simply via text message.

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