The quotation calculator can often be misunderstood. But why? Technology is continuing to advance, leaving spreadsheets a thing of the past.

Generating new leads, shouldn’t be considered a chore.

3 new customers a day = 15 a week = 750 a year could be over £500,000 more in legal fees for you!

If you’re still unsure, have a read of the questions below to see why - it’s time to embrace the quotation calculator

What happens when a client rings your firm for a quote?

How many staff members are allowed to give quotes? Is there a set procedure for them to follow? Use the quotation calculator internally and you can put your mind at ease. Tricky fees are worked out automatically, guaranteeing no mistakes and incorrect fees are given out. If you wish, any staff member that answers the phone to the client has the ability to use the quotation calculator and give out a correct quote. This guarantees all clients are met with excellent customer service, even if your usual staff members that give out quotes are out at lunch or off sick.

How many different quotes do you give out?

How would you feel if you and your friend rang up for a quote and your friend got given a cheaper quote than you? Why not ensure that all quotes you give out are the same? The quotation calculator ensures all staff follow the same procedure when giving out quotes. BUT, this doesn’t mean you can’t have different rates, for different circumstances.

How do you explain to your client the costs?

After you’ve spoken to your client, they will receive an e-mail in their inbox. Here you can explain exactly what services you can give them and how you are better than the other services out there. How long do you spend putting together an e-mail to send to your client after the phone call? If you have to customise every single e-mail to clients after the initial quote, you’re wasting precious time. Why not let the quotation calculator send your client an e-mail automatically without giving it a second thought? Imagine what you could spend this extra time doing?

How do you follow up potential leads once you have quote for them?

Where do you store the contact information, so you can follow up these leads? If you use the InTouch calculator, the information is automatically stored, so every member of staff can easily find this information in one secure place, making it so leads can be converted into customers in a matter of minutes.

What happens when your staff go home at 5pm?

When a client has an offer excepted on a house, they’re excited and want to get the conveyancing process started as soon as possible. If your firm is closed you’re missing out on their custom. You can easily change this, by putting a quotation calculator on your website. The quote will be automatically e-mailed to the potential client straight away, allowing you to follow up the next morning.

If you don’t there’s nothing stopping them going to an online conveyancing practice or another firm that can give them answers straight away.

Why not give it a go?