Realtime, purposeful, and flexible reporting for your conveyancing practice

InTouch conveyancing software comes with a built-in and extensive reporting suite. Our reports have been created with the conveyancing professional in mind, helping you track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversions, completions, and staff performance. Explore why the InTouch conveyancing software is the case management software of choice to forward-thinking conveyancing firms.

Conveyancing Reporting Software

Track your conveyancing KPIs in real-time

The InTouch reports have been built by our team to suit the needs of conveyancers and law professionals, giving you unrivaled insight into how your law practice or conveyancing business is performing.

Our reporting functionality utilises the same database as we use to store details of all your matters, meaning that the reports are always showing the most up to date information available. As soon as an action is completed in the case management software the reporting is automatically updated.

Conveyancing Real Time KPI Software
Reporting Software for Conveyancers

Granular business performance reports

The reporting functionality allows you to measure your business performance at a granular level.

This covers everything from conversion rates, tasks completed by which member of staff, or any outstanding tasks on aggregate allowing you to identify any possible bottlenecks. You can easily measure performance across, teams, members of staff, matter types, and a whole host of other parameters to suit your specific purpose.

Conveyancing Software Matter Tracking Reports
Conveyancing Conversion Tracking

Tools to better manage your teams

Our reports offer a number of tools helping you explore and analyse the performance of your team. Maybe you want to compare conversion rates between two different branches, or between two different staff members to better understand what is driving performance. InTouch makes this easy to

You can also review all tasks completed within a period, compare this to other members of staff to find the top-performers and underachievers, to ensure all staff gets the right amount of support to deliver better outcomes for your clients. It can also help with balancing workload to ensure you deliver a first-rate client service.

Conveyancing Staff Comparison Reports
Conveyancing Software Set Up

Flexible and configurable reporting

InTouch reports are incredibly flexible, meaning you can tailor them to suit your specific needs inside our case management system. When you add new custom fields to your matters, these automatically become available within the reporting user interface.

Use conditions in your reports to get only the specific data that you need. For example, you can easily identify all open matters, assigned to a specific fee earner, over a specific time period, which were referred by referrer A, and is a new-build. Or anything else you need to know.

Frequently used reports are easily saved on the system for easy future access. If you want to do more in-depth analysis you have the option to export the data in CSV format, allowing you to load it to Excel or other software.

Conveyancing Reporting Suite
Client Accounting Software

Client accounting and Xero

With our client accounting integration with Xero, you can not only access a large number of reports within Xero but also a number of reports within InTouch to make your cashiering and finance function work even smoother.

Easily utilise accounting reports to identify anticipated postings, any invoices that need approving, or investigate any client or office account breaches through our user-friendly interface.

InTouch Conveyancing Software Integrates with Xero