Delivering a better experience for end clients - Why our mission matters

At InTouch we have a clear mission statement to improve automation and communication within property transactions through our conveyancing software solution.

The emphasis of our mission is firmly rooted in making the process better for the end customer, the person or business buying or selling a property.

What this means in reality, is that we try to make it easier for conveyancers to deliver excellent customer service to their clients. This is achieved by delivering on the three core elements of our mission statement;

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Customers want their transactions to complete as quickly as possible - as a conveyancers it is easy to be snowed under by time consuming manual tasks. By automating things like document generation, search ordering and offering self-serve options to the clients we remove blockers and time-consuming tasks for conveyancers. This means they can spend more time on high value tasks progressing transactions faster without any hold ups.


By communicating clearly with your clients and stakeholders you remove time-sags such as progress chasing phone calls from estate agents, clients and mortgage brokers. It also educates your client, giving them a better understanding of all the value-adding work you perform on their behalf, the things most people are unaware of. In the end this enhanced understanding makes your client value the service you provide more highly.


We believe that property transactions should be transparent, something most industry bodies tend to agree with, transparency adds trust to all parties involved, where there is trust there is an opportunity to significantly improve. Trust is key in delivering a good client experience, clear communication and transparency leads to your client to foster that trust and value your service.

Impacting the bottom line

Although the focus of InTouch is on improving the end-customer experience, the benefits are felt as much if not more by our customers, the property lawyers. Our case management system enables you to deliver a better customer service, streamline processes, ultimately creating a more profitable and successful practice.

Demonstrating the value you provide your clients is essential, which is achieved by educating them and keeping them updated on each stage of the process, earning their trust.

In an increasingly competitive market this is what sets apart the great firms from the ones who stagnate or contract. With easier access to reviews and opinions of others, for example through social media, the perception of you and your business by your clients is and will become even more important to win new business. The key to doing so successfully, in our humble opinion, is to improve communication, automation and transparency for all parts of the house transaction.