Client Portal

You’ll love it for the time and cost saving

Clients will love it for the personalised experience, regular updates, and convenience

Deliver that 5 star service

When clients are kept in the loop and understand each step of their case, they are more likely to feel secure and satisfied with the service. This satisfaction is crucial for positive client reviews and referrals.

This transparency fosters trust. Trust is a cornerstone of client loyalty and a critical component of a five-star service.

Legal case management that delivers that five star client service
Legal Case Management System Client Portal

Demonstrate the value of every task you undertake

By giving clients access to information, you empower them to feel part of the process rather than just observers. This involvement enhances their perception of the service you provide as attentive and client-centered.

With InTouch, you can clearly showcase the value of each task you undertake. Help clients recognise the benefits you are delivering at every stage of their legal proceedings by providing them with consistently updated information and maintaining transparency.

"It really helped me to feel that the process was moving on. It updated me by email every time a new development took place and it also showed me what that change was and where it sat in the sequence..."
Kathy McArdle
"InTouch kept me updated at every step of the conveyancing process, I found it much quicker and easier than last time I bought a house when I had to waste time chasing my Solicitor by phone or even letter. Brilliant software."
Dave Long
"This service was very helpful for a very busy person like myself. As you can access this service 24/7 for updates plus system send you an email for any update. Many thanks to my solicitor Michelle O'Shea for introducing this service to me"
Samih Malik

Empower your team to communicate regularly

Good lawyers at good law firms are always busy. They never have an empty desk. So empower them to show your clients how they are progressing the case with integrated communication tools, without putting an additional task on their already busy workload.

The InTouch client portal is directly integrated into your legal case workflow. So as you complete your tasks, the client portal is always up to date. There’s no logging into a separate portal to tick arbitrary milestones.

Case software that empowers your team to do more
Legal case client portal

Enable your clients become your sales team

Clients can log into the portal at any time to check the status of their case, view documents, or read updates. This self-service feature empowers clients to get the information they need without having to contact their lawyer directly.

After all, an informed client is a happy client.

Combine the portal with regular automated updates - configured to your law firm’s exact process - and your client will become part of your sales team, as they shout about the informed service you provide.

"Really impressed with the InTouch Conveyancing platform during my house sale. It kept me informed and reminded me of my responsibilities every step of the way"
Gerard Thomas
"Amazing software, keep you fully updated and informed throughout the whole process. Really please with it. Would highly recommend it!"
Monika Syrek
"A very useful way to keep up-to-date with the progress on our hourse purchase without emailing or ringing up"
Dan Abraham

Transparency and trust stop progress chasing

There is a reason why your clients progress. It’s because of a lack of trust. You might be doing the best job possible, but your clients do not know that.

By consistently providing detailed and transparent updates through the portal, clients are reassured that their case is being actively managed. This builds trust and reduces anxiety, which in turn decreases the frequency of update requests.

Transparency & trust deliver that 5 star legal service
Standout from your competition

Standout from your competition

By embracing cutting-edge technology and progressive strategies, you demonstrate a commitment to excellence, efficiency and transparency, solidifying your reputation as a trusted leader in your field.

This positions you at the forefront of the legal industry, appealing to clients who value forward-thinking partners who are capable of navigating complex challenges and securing successful outcomes.

Cost Efficiency

When your staff are not fielding progress chasing phone calls, they focus on what matters - progressing the case!

Cases are progressed further, with more perceived value to the client. This positive feedback loop enables your business to complete more cases, with less staff, and higher service levels.

Cost efficient legal case management software