Online Conveyancing Quotation Software for Progressive Law Firms

Why do you need quotation software?

It’s 2024, the majority of prospective clients seeking conveyancing services will initiate their search online. They’ll browse several websites, compare offerings, and learn about the conveyancing process. The contemporary consumer has elevated expectations and desires instantaneous, efficient service. It’s time to exceed those expectations. Stand out from the crowd with InTouch’s online conveyancing quote software, a tool specifically designed to enable your law firm to offer round-the-clock services.

Enable prospective clients to visit your website, receive an instant conveyancing quote, and smoothly transition to instructing your team.

Conveyancing Quotation Software
Transform prospects into client with legal quoting software

Transform Prospects into Clients

Offering a quote is merely the first step in transforming prospects into clients. Our conveyancing quote software for law firms makes it a breeze for them to instruct by simply clicking a button, allowing them to complete your bespoke instruction form with an e-signature. All data from the quote and instruction form seamlessly integrate into your case management system.

Imagine coming to work with money already in your account and fresh clients on your books - a modern approach your new clients will appreciate.

Powerful and Customisable Conveyancing Quote Software

InTouch’s online conveyancing quotation software is robust and highly configurable. You can choose to include all upfront costs, even those not typically applicable, or streamline quotes to include only essential costs like legal fees and basic search packs.

Test different quoting methodologies, modify your wordings and inquiry process while collating information for quotes, and adjust your fees without the need for web developers or third-party intervention.

Transform prospects into client with legal quoting software

Referrers and Introducers Integration

Streamline your workflow with our online conveyancing quote software by integrating your introducers and referrers. Provide them with their quotation calculation software or an API to push leads directly into your system.

Keep Your Visitors On Your Site

Don’t send your website visitors off to another site for their quote; this can harm your SEO rankings. Make your website the final destination in their online search for conveyancing quotes by embedding the InTouch conveyancing quotation software directly on your site.

Key Benefits

  • Automate
    quote generation
  • Accelerate
    instruction time
  • Highly configurable
    to your needs
  • Seamless
    website integration
  • Boosts
    your SEO

Take Action Today

See how InTouch can enhance your conveyancing process and boost your online presence. Don’t let potential clients slip away; take the lead with our powerful, user-friendly online conveyancing quotation software today.

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