C# and TypeScript Software Engineer @ InTouch

We're looking for a Full Stack Web Developer, mostly remote, with some contact time in Nottingham.

Posted Tue May 31 2022 ◀️ Careers

Hi, I’m Marvin Rounce, director and co-founder of InTouch.

I’m looking for a software engineer to join our team for a competitive salary ranging from £45,000 to £80,000 per annum.

InTouch’s mission is to improve automation and communication within property transactions.

We want to enable our customers to create even better, more automated, more inclusive transparent, conveyancing workflows. The ideal person loves to continually improve the software they work on and has empathy towards the user.

We mainly work in C# and Typescript, with the occasional stored procedure for when Entity Framework is not fast enough. We release continually to users and gather feedback quickly, iterating and improving again and again.

You’ll get to work closely with the founders, and be able to ask for feedback from us and the users. You will need to be able to;

  • write loosely coupled highly maintainable code
  • continuously think about the user experience
  • manage feature development from idea through to rollout
  • improve based on code reviews
  • challenge bad design/solution ideas, whilst still being productive

If you work in a large enterprise and are one part of the development pipeline, and like being confined to a specific area (like automation testing, database, backend, frontend etc) then this is not the role for you.

We’re looking for someone who is interested in the full development lifecycle of shipping continual improvements and features.

Our customers use our product all day long, so someone who likes to build the UX and then optimise all the way through to the time to load would find this role interesting.


Azure, Github, C#, MVC, Typescript, React, Bootstrap & Saas.

Familiarity with any of these is a benefit, though none of them is essential as you will be smart enough to learn what’s necessary with our help.


  • Hybrid working conditions (home and office)
  • Parking & Bike racks
  • Home set up including standing desk, laptop & monitor
  • 23 days annual leave + bank holidays
  • + your birthday off (or closest day)
  • Loyalty – an extra holiday day off for each year at the company
  • An annual personal development fund
  • £45000-£80000 annual salary according to experience and expertise

Not the right role for you?

Maybe it’s right for one of your friends - please share with anyone you know who might be qualified.

Hiring Process


I’ll be your main point of contact throughout. The first point of call will be an email to hr@intouch.cloud, including your name in the subject, a bit about yourself and why you are interested in working at InTouch, and a CV (Word, PDF, URL, etc). I aim to respond within 3 days, and we’ll interact over email with a few questions.

Initial call

During a 20-minute video call, we’ll get to know each other a little. I’ll look to find out what you’re looking for in your next role as part of your career progression, your approach to growing software in a holistic sense, and the kind of support you need to do your best work.

You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the role, the team, or the company. Please feel free to ask absolutely anything.

Pair Programming Challenge
We’ll conduct a short live coding challenge on a call, using an online coding fiddle/playground in a language you are familiar with.

Coding exercise

All being well, I’ll ask you to do a coding exercise which shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes. It’s not about building a complete product, as much as a conversation starter for a second 30-minute call together where we’ll get a bit more technical.

The exercise is to build a Pomodoro timer. You can use any frameworks you wish, and it should be web-based, and have the ability to save some state between visits (e.g. something like being able to change the default timer length). Your solution should include instructions on how to test it out.

To give an idea of how deep to go, our expectation is that this brief should not take more than an hour to be fulfilled in any language and/or framework you are familiar with.

Once you have completed the exercise we will arrange a video call where we will discuss your implementation and look at expanding it with one or more additional requirements. The idea of this is to get a feeling for not only your coding style but how you approach problems.

Meet the rest of the team

From there, you’ll be invited to talk to other people from the team on video calls of 15-30 minutes. These are as much for you to get a feel for the team, as for the team to provide feedback about you. Like all stages this is a two-way conversation, so you are free to interview them too.

Final stage

At this point, we’ll aim to spend a morning or afternoon together (depending on the current lockdown rules) looking at;

- Work history - this helps us better understand your professional background

- A “whiteboard discussion” - gives us another example of how well you communicate

- Culture fit - this helps us understand what you would bring to InTouch and what InTouch would bring to you, and see if those are aligned to each of our desires

For successful candidates, we will extend an offer conditional on reference and background checks.

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