Most first time buyers have never heard of the word ‘conveyancer’.

Information on conveyancing is scarce. The information that is out there is worded so that only the professionals understand, or worse it is deeply buried in the depths of the internet.

When viewing houses and being shown around by the local friendly estate agent, first time buyers still don’t know the word ‘conveyancer’.

All the buyer sees is another expense on top of what they are paying for their house. They put their trust in the agent to recommend the best conveyancer.

The buyer sees a bill for thousands of pounds. And despite the fact that only a fraction of it is for the heavily trained professional conveyancer they tend to unconsciously believe that they are paying a lot for a little.

You are on the back foot from the start. The conveyancer can’t build a personal relationship with the buyer in the same way that the agent does. So when things start to go wrong, it’s obvious where blame will get assigned.

The client and the agent won’t hesitate to chase you. I’ve spoken to agents who claim it is there job to chase the conveyancers on behalf of their valued clients.

And then the lenders want you to do their job for them, and hold you accountable. You start off between a rock and hard place in dealing with your new client’s expectations. Naturally customer service can become secondary to the legal hoops you have to jump through.

Only the best agents know the ins and outs of conveyancing. I’ve even heard an agent’s say ‘I wish I could be a fly on the wall in a conveyancers office, because all I think they do is sit on their hands’.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes, and you might find that all you see from a conveyancer is a bill.

Educating the various stakeholders is a problem we have set our sights on at InTouch. How do you educate your clients and agents so that they don’t just see a bill?