If you are looking to improve your service to clients, then look no further.

Here at InTouch we encourage feedback good or bad.

We recently received this awesome review from one happy home owner after going through the house buying process and feeling the full benefit of her conveyancer using InTouch.

“I sold my first home through a large practise in Derby and spent three months having to call and chase up. I ended up switching for purchase and was really pleased I did. I found the InTouch notifications very helpful, and made a point of telling my Solicitor how much it improved the experience. Would recommend looking for a Solicitor offering this service when comparing bids”. – Kate Godfrey.

InTouch has been designed to make it easy for conveyancers to keep all stakeholders up to date with their property transaction.

Automated emails are sent out each time a milestone has been completed, meaning your giving the Client an extra valued service without having to think about it.

Don’t just take our word for it, Kate recommends that anybody looking for a Solicitor should check to see if they are using InTouch. Don’t let business pass you by because you’re not.