Case management software allows one place for client information to be stored and acted upon to complete a property transaction. Case management software allows all staff members to share information at the same time, and this information is updated instantly and available instantly.

Most case management software will contain basic functionality such as allowing all staff members to be able to access the information thus allowing all staff members to be able to add to this information. If paper case files are still being used, this means only one person is able to view and add to that paper file at one time.

Property transactions involve a lot of information collection. Case management software such as InTouch can relieve the slow and painful task of collecting and processing this information by saying goodbye to paper forms and hello to online dynamic forms. Getting the client to input information electronically into case management systems help speed up the process and reduce double entry of information.

Precedent generation and handling capability can make a conveyancers life difficult or easy. If the case management software allows conveyancers to generate precedents and pull through data with a few clicks of a mouse, this makes for time saving and staff efficiency. High end software may also provide integrations with Microsoft Word. A piece of software your staff are already familiar with.

Case management software based in the cloud allows users to work remotely. A definite must have during the Covid pandemic. Cloud based case management software stops the need to install software on every individual PC.

The benefits of using a case management software can be seen by the client when an interactive portal and automatic updates are provided. Managers and firm owners are also able to drill down and run reports on the information stored inside of the case management software giving them an overview of how the firm is performing and pinpoint where further efficiencies can be made.

If you are unsure if you need case management software, you need to look at how long you and your staff spend everyday gathering information and storing it somewhere. Then you need to look at what you do with this information and how long you spend doing this. If you have completed this exercise and are still unsure, think of the phone calls you have received whilst undertaking this task. If the majority of the phone calls are people wanting updates then you need a portal which automatically does this for you. InTouch was built with the client in mind first and the aim of reducing progress chasing phone calls.

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