After the completion of a year-long study into the legal services sector in 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority concluded that competition in legal services for consumers was not clear enough. The CMA then set out measures to ensure that all customers can make an informed choice with more transparent prices and information.

The CLC and SRA in 2018 published guidance on how the firms it regulates can comply with the new Transparency Rules. The new rules are an opportunity for firms to win more clients directly through their own websites and give customers a more informed choice when looking for a lawyer or conveyancer. These are coming into force on 6th December 2018, so there’s not a lot of time left to become CLC/SRA compliant. You should ask yourself…

  • Do I understand how the 2018 Transparency Law changes will effect my firm
  • Have I put anything in place to ensure we are complying to these updates? 
  • Do I know exactly what these changes include?
  • Do I know how we can turn these updates into a positive for our firm?

*If you have answered 'No' or 'Unsure' to any of the above, then we can help you get the most out of this update....

Some of the changes include providing:

  • The total cost of the service.
  • description of the service offered.
  • The fee, average fee or range of fees.
  • Whether the fees are determined as a fixed sum or by reference to hourly rates.
  • A description and the value of disbursements, including land tax
  • Whether VAT is payable on the fees or disbursements.
  • Whether the firm has referral arrangements with third parties.

Using the InTouch Quote Calculator will ensure your firm is compliant by 6th December but also improves your service and offering to potential customers…


  • Never again miss a quote out of hours, increasing your overall leads
  • Significantly cuts down time spent on client quoting
  • Removes clerical errors
  • Create reports to keep track of and follow up on new leads
  • Allow ALL staff members to take quotes and ensure they are accurate every time
  • Can be used internally, on your website and allows any referrers to quote on your behalf
  • Our Quote Calculator is completely configurable:
    • Automatically displays the fees total once client submits
    • Can include a description for each of the services agreed and whether they are fixed or hourly rates
    • Automatically calculates SDLT fees, so you no longer have to visit the Gov website.
    • Displays which services VAT is payable against
    • Essentially covers all of the new requirements included in the CLC/SRA updates

Why not turn these updates into a positive for your firm? Contact us today on and book in a demo, to see how we can help you be compliant and make the most out of your website…