Dear conveyancers,

Conveyancers rest here

It’s ok, really. Take a moment & ponder the following:

Clients have become more demanding over the years. They expect immediate responses to emails and have presumed expectations on the speed of conveyancing.

If you “GoogleBing” ‘conveyancing quote’ you are soon swamped with buzzwords of ‘Fixed Fees’, ‘Value’ and ‘less than £200’.

Even Money Supermarket is involved, and when they get involved the only thing a client sees to differentiate conveyancing services is a price.

Given that so many conveyancing companies have relieved themselves of the customer on-boarding process to panels, standing out from the crowd and winning business is only going to get harder. It is likely that right now you have too much work to handle, however at these times I feel it is important to ask yourself: do you win all the instructions, but make no money?

These days clients are well aware of their rights. A growing complaints culture is adding further pressure to the conveyancer. If all a client sees is a panel, from which their precious heartfelt conveyancing transaction is outsourced across the country, how do they see the real value in what you do.

Take back the marketing efforts and start charging more. Make sure your service stands out, so that you can take a minute more often.

Image Credit - Life Acoustic & Amplified