There are many different options you can take in order to be compliant by 6th December. The ruling states that your firm's fees need to be available for customers to view on your website amongst other requirements.

It is correct to say that firms are not required to use a quote calculator, they can simply publish a list of fees on their website. However, that is simply doing the bare minimum and will not make any firm stand out and capitalise on what is an opportunity that should be exploited.

If you have two firms, one with fees and a light description only of the service provided, and the other has a detailed explanation of their fee structure, what extras the service includes and how long a transaction should take, which firm are potential new clients likely to instruct? 

Chances are it is going to be the firm displaying more transparency and providing helpful information.

If a potential client is researching a conveyancer out of hours or over a weekend, are they going to wait until Monday to call that firm or immediately instruct the firm that has an instant, bespoke quoting tool providing a detailed description of their fees and the anticipated time frames? 

Surely their is only one answer...

Why stop there?

Using a quote calculator alongside a client portal gives the client instant, transparent and safe access to all of their documents, enabling them to easily view the progression of their transaction without the need to chase via phone or email.

If forward thinking firms are looking to develop a competitive edge and capitalise on the new transparency and pricing changes, then InTouch is a system seriously worth considering. Get in touch today!