As a professional information gatherer, you as a conveyancer are often in a position where you know more than other people about the precise state of play of a house transaction.

And people being who they are, they want you to share that information as soon as you have it.

To get you to do so, they will make a phone call. And often, the tone of that call could be friendlier, since the person phoning you is under pressure from a partner or family members to somehow make the house move happen more quickly.

So, they’re calling with the expectation that news from you can lead them to book the removal lorry and start a fabulous life in their new home.

Only, things aren’t that simple in reality. Expectations - when you don’t understand the subject matter - lead to disappointments.

All of which tends to mean that answering a phone isn’t always the most joyful experience when you’re a conveyancer.

And that is one of the reasons I developed InTouch. Automatically, it updates the parties involved in a house transaction about the precise state of play. So, everyone knows the same information at the same time.

Better still, everyone gets this information electronically – it slips onto your phone or tablet just so.

What all of this means is that a lot of the pressure of dealing with phone calls simply…dissolves. When people know what’s going on, it’s a lot trickier for them to assume knowledge is being withheld from them. So, even if they do get in touch, they’re likely to be in a better mood.

And given the amount of time fielding calls can take over the course of a week, the time saved can be used – well, however you like. Have a coffee, spend some time on business development, plan a holiday.

The choice is yours.