Southbank Predators formed just over 2 years ago and have gone from strength to strength.

The Southbank Predators sponsored by InTouch Conveyancing Software consists of 10 girls, Holly Kime (c), Helen Turner, Tori Heaps, Dale Rounce, Nicola Fountain, Chelsea Coulson, Jen Perham, Sarah McQueen, Sue Bramman and Marie Walsh. 

The girls met through a B2netball session ran at Portland Leisure center by Sports development coach Ruth Pickthorn. Back to netball sessions are designed to provide women of all ages a gentle re-introduction to the sport.  The girls come from all different backgrounds but the love of netball helped them form a bond which would prove key to their winning streak.

This year the Predators won the netball grand prix, which included teams from all over Lincs and Nottingham. They only lost one match in all 5 tournaments! They then finished the season by winning the City of Nottingham Back to Netball league making them 2017 double champions.

InTouch is proud to get behind a local team because they share the same qualities. Commitment, dedication and working together to achieve greatness.

Holly Kime, captain of the Predators says “I love playing with these girls. We share a passion of netball and fitness. You can see when we play the bond we now have, having only played together for two years”