InTouch recently found out they made a house buyer very happy when his house completed whilst holidaying in New Zealand.

Thanks to the portal functionality provided by InTouch and the fantastic staff at Michelle O’Shea Conveyancing, Tommy Mortberg was able to enjoy the process involved with buying a house.

“I recently bought a new house and was really impressed with the communication I got from my conveyancer. This was because of InTouch, which enabled me to keep up to date with every new development, as we were travelling in NZ at the time this software allowed us to be kept up to date enabling us to relax and enjoy our holiday. I would thoroughly recommend if your buying a new house to check your conveyancer uses InTouch.”

Buying a house is not always straight forward or enjoyable, in fact this is how we got started – we started in 2012 because we didn’t find conveyancing pleasurable.

Which is why InTouch is very happy to receive feedback like this from happy home owners!