Our third blog on how to convert new leads into paying clients, looks at how effective tools and processes can help.

Below are our three top tips:


When capturing a lead on your website or through a referrer, make sure you capture any additional helpful information not just contact details and a name. Knowledge is power.

Information such as if they are a first-time buyer, or if they are purchasing a second holiday home, provides an opportunity to adapt your follow-up. By tailoring your messaging to the prospective client’s circumstances, you can increase conversions. For example by taking the time to explain how things work for a first-time buyer shows that you care and will provide an excellent service.

Leverage automation and self-serve capabilities to make it easy for your client to say “Yes”

Once a client has enquired giving you their details, what do you do?

Let’s say it is Friday at 7 pm, your office is closed. What action would you like your potential Client to take? Conversion can have nothing to do with how good a service you provide, or even how competitive your price is, just being first to act can improve your conversion rate.

How does a quote calculator which automatically emails the potential Client a list of your fees, information on your firm, and the services you provide sound? The InTouch quotation calculator will automatically do this for you and include Client personalisation so they don’t even realise it’s software doing the work behind the scenes.

Just to add icing to the cake, this email will come from your Fee Earners email address and email domain. This means your prospective client can simply reply to the email with any questions they might have, creating a conversation that enables you to sell yourself and your services.

Clear and robust follow-up processes

Imagine that you are competing with another firm for a prospect's business, you have both provided competitive quotes and seem to offer similar levels of service, at least to the prospect's eyes. Who is going to win this business?

In my experience, it is most often the firm that follows up, showing the client they care about winning their business. Your systems and tools should enable easily configurable workflows that ensure every lead is followed up on, meaning not a single opportunity is missed.

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