At least once in your life, you will have walked into a room and completely forgotten what you went in there for!

It happens, maybe your tired, overworked, have too much on your mind or are trying to juggle too many tasks at the same time, but it happens.

What can we do to prevent this happening again?

Some people get through their days by writing themselves out a jobs list, some people use their mobile to alert them of important events. We all need a hand to remember everything, especially when other people are involved and they all want to know what is going on.

With InTouch you get a work flow, set up like your crib sheet to ensure all your staff are singing from the same hymn sheet.

Why would you want to use that rather than your crib sheet like you’ve always done, I hear you ask?

For starters, this crib sheet can be accessed quickly by any member of staff easily and securely, meaning rather than having to search through all the paper files, anybody can update the stakeholder in a matter of seconds.

Do you have staff members and offices which don’t work in the same way? What happens when a staff member is off sick, is it a nightmare for someone else to pick up where they left off? With InTouch, you can rest assure that all staff will work in the same way, reducing clerical errors and saving you time.

A study was carried out with doctors. [David Ly Khim]

When a doctor inserts a line into a patient, there are five steps they must follow to help prevent the risk of infection:

  1. Wash hands with soap
  2. Clean the patients skin with antiseptic
  3. Use sterile gloves, mask, hat and gown
  4. Place sterile drape over entire patient
  5. Finish with a sterile dressing over the insertion site.

The study found doctors skipped at least one step in more than one-third of patients!

Upon discovery of this study a hard copy checklist of the above steps was implemented and strongly enforced. The ten day line infection rate dropped to zero.

InTouch will work with you to ensure your workflow, is as easy to use as possible. A set procedure which all your staff will use and love will help your practice become more efficient.

It makes sense to me, why wouldn’t you want all your staff signing from the same hymn sheet..

It sounds beautiful!