Do you know why InTouch exists? My recent LinkedIn poll suggests a few of you do, but many of you do not.

Firstly I want to start with, do you even know what InTouch is?!

InTouch is cloud based conveyancing software which helps conveyancers manage their workload and communicate with relevant stakeholders in an automatic and simple way to reduce progress chasing phone calls.

Why do we need that, I hear you ask? Well this leads me back to my original question: do you know why InTouch exists?

Several years ago my husband and I began searching for our first home. The first two houses fell through and we became third time lucky!

When we found our home we put an offer in and instructed our conveyancer.

We didn’t know anything about conveyancing and asked our estate agent for a recommendation (I don’t believe there was a referral fee involved here).

Our conveyancer started the proceedings and after weeks and weeks and weeks we moved into our house.

The problem was during these weeks, there were hold ups, there were multiple phone calls, along with lots of paperwork to read and sign. We had no idea what any of it meant.

Searches were completed, ID’s were checked, proof of funds were checked. Again I had no idea what was going on or the risks and responsibilities the conveyancer took on on our behalf.

The problem was the communication between solicitors, the seller and us. At one point the fixtures and fittings form was lost and it was only after multiple phone calls that we made, did this information become known and handled.

If my husband wasn’t a software engineer our journey with conveyancers and communication problems would have ended there. However this isn’t the end of the story, it’s the beginning and the birth of InTouch.

After completion we thought that this service could be improved by software. We went to our conveyancer and asked if they would be interested in working together to come up with some software solution which would help keep house buyers and sellers up to date with the property transaction.

It started out as a task list, which once ticked would automatically update them. It became apparent very quickly that more was needed from the software. Hundreds of iterations and several years later InTouch is now a complete case management system. Enabling conveyancers to carry out all tasks relating to a property transaction in one place, whilst automatically explaining the process and updating the house buyer/seller or any other Stakeholder you wish to keep up to date every step of the way.

It is something we here at InTouch are proud of and house buyer/seller feedback is always positive when they receive constant proactive updates.

For conveyancers, we are not trying to recreate the wheel here, you guys are the experts and know what you are doing. What we are merely trying to achieve is a system which helps you with your workload and amplifies communication for you which unfortunately is sometimes forgotten.

Do you know why InTouch exists?
Do you know why InTouch exists?

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