Just before Christmas you may all remember the rush to update your website to ensure you were compliant with the new transparency guidelines.

What did you undertake to ensure you were compliant? Some rushed to implement a quotation calculator, whilst others detailed their fees and services.

Since making the changes, have you noticed a difference in the amount of potential new customers contacting you, or do you have no idea?

I imagine the majority of you will not know. How could you? Are you measuring your conversion rates, do you find out how each new customer found you?

There’s so much to think about and so many jobs for you to undertake daily, wouldn’t it be nice if you had something monitoring the above stats for you?

At InTouch we understand the pressures conveyancers face day to day, which is why we have spent a long time developing software which helps improve communication, transparency and automation with the conveyancing industry.

There are many reasons to implement a quotation calculator on your website. Sure it ticks the transparency guidelines box but it also does so much more!

If you implement a quotation calculator on your website, it attracts new customers, gives them a reason to stay on your website longer and enables them to get an instant estimation. What happens when you get more visitors on your website? Your SEO improves. What does this mean? It means you start to rank higher in Google, thus getting you noticed by even more potential new customers.

A quotation calculator on your website makes you more accessible to potential new customers. It essentially makes you open for business 24/7. Now who’s going to say no, to getting leads out of hours when you leave work for the day?

Have you thought about the benefits of using a quotation calculator internally? Imagine all staff members who answer the phone having the ability to accurately quote and instantly provide your new customer with an email estimation in minutes.

At InTouch we are passionate about finding solutions to conveyancers troubles. Through our innovative software we are able to help the forward thinking conveyancing, utilise tools such as our quotation calculator so it benefits them. For further information on whether you are merely ticking the transparency guideline box or are leading the way, go to www.intouchapp.co.uk/quotation-calculator or contact Dale at dale@intouchapp.co.uk.