Email Fraud - 5 ways to protect your conveyancing practice

Email fraud is once again making headlines in the conveyancing news outlets. It is a persistent problem for the conveyancing industry and one fraudsters are very keen to exploit due to the large sums of money being transferred. Learn how to protect you ... continue reading

Speeding up conveyancing - BASPI & TA6 Pilot

Initiatives like BASPI and TA6 Part 1 Pilot aims to speed up conveyancing transaction by providing more information upfront. But what are they and how do they aim to do that?

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PC Tips & Tricks

Do you use your PC in an efficient way?

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Do you capture leads and convert them into clients effectively?

How well does your website perform? Are you able to find this information out and most importantly do you know if visits are converting to sales? Learn more by downloading our whitepaper

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Automation friend or foe to conveyancers?

Should conveyancers embrace or shun automation? With today's technology automation is a hot topic which both proponents and antagonists. But who is right?

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