The word automation, in my humble experience, is often frowned upon by many conveyancers. This as there is a strong belief that good conveyancing as a highly-skilled profession cannot be automated. A point that I, to some extent, agree with.

Meanwhile, it is no secret that here at InTouch we are proponents of automation, it even forms a part of our mission statement to “To improve communication, automation, and transparency within property transactions”.

This might seem like a dichotomy (two contradictory statements), but to our customers, my colleagues, and me, it is not.

To understand my point we need to discern between “bad automation” and “good automation”, the latter being what we at InTouch refer to when talking about automation.

For us automation when done right frees up conveyancers to spend more time on the things that really matter, the things that add value to your clients and your business. This is achieved by allowing technology and tools to minimise the lower-skilled aspects of the processes, such as providing quotes, generating documents, or ordering and managing searches.

By doing this the conveyancer is freed up to focus more time on the highly-skilled part of the profession, the part that they spent vast amounts of time to learn and understand.

Some might argue that this part could also be automated, but with conveyancing being such a complex and nuanced process automating this aspect will lead to both a sub-par client experience and expose the practice to liability. (However, with the development of Artificial Intelligence it might one day be possible to achieve, but we are still a long way off for that to be a possibility).

Applying automation in the right way should lead to a number of benefits for the modern conveyancer;

  • Enables them to deliver a better client experience
  • Speed up transaction times
  • Create a more profitable practice
  • Make the work of a conveyancer more enjoyable

With this definition of automation, you can see that the above opposed statements, are no longer contradictory, they work with harmony and should be embraced by the industry.

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