It wasn’t so long ago that black and white television was the norm, and to contact someone by telephone you had to call one that was in the room where they’d hopefully be when you rang. Then colour television was the rage, at least until people got used to watching their favourite shows in the new format. And somewhere along the line, mobile phones came along, and it became easier to speak to the person you wanted, rather than making the phone ring in a house they’re not actually in.

These kinds of changes seem like a big deal initially, but we soon adjust to them. Now, our phones aren’t just a means of talking to people. They are pocket-size computers that can take photographs, send texts, and search the internet. Children now have grown up with that being normal, in the same way that things were commonplace in your own childhood. And one of the great things about being a human is our ability to adapt to new situations, while enjoying having a grumble about what we miss from the past.

Sure, technological advancement is not always the same as progress. If you’ve ever seen someone riding a Sinclair C5 or a Segway that’s very clear. And sometimes, technology can seem so pervasive that the human element seems to be missing, as anyone who’s received a call from a computerised voice will know. In some ways though, there’s no going back. Once you’ve put a man on the moon, it’s happened, and even if it doesn’t affect the way you live your own life here and now, it’s part of the fabric of the times.

What’s important is maintaining that human element. And if it’s possible to do that, and make life easier in some ways, then - well, why not? That principle is one of the ones adopted in the development of InTouch. The key is in the name. All InTouch does is allow people involved in a property transaction to keep each other in touch about their progress. Simple. It’s just like everyone is in the same office, hearing the same news at the same time. And that means people can get on with what they do in the knowledge that everything is as it should be. Buying a house takes a team - InTouch makes it easy for that team to keep each other up to date with where they are.

Even getting a new toaster can seem like a drama. But we get used to difference a lot quicker than we like to let on. Sure, the old toaster was great. But be honest - it was starting to singe toast on a regular basis. My new one’s a different colour, it’s more compact, and even boils eggs. And it’s got some gizmo in it to prevent charcoaled edges with your morning marmalade. You never know, it could catch on…