Imagine that if you wanted to buy a pizza, other people might be interested in it and willing to pay more for it than you. Being hungry, and having a family to feed, you’re willing to part with an extra few pounds to ensure that the children get something to eat. Suppose though, that instead of being given the pizza in exchange for your cash, you’re introduced to someone who says they’ll take care of the paperwork involved, and once it’s approved, release the pizza when your cash is transferred to them. Oh, and there’s another person involved too - the one who takes your money and promises to look after it until the papers are signed.

Odds are, you’d be perplexed by the number of people involved in what’s going on. How do you know they’re not colluding against you? And just what are you paying for on top of the cost of the pizza, which was all you ever wanted. By now, you’re feeling hungry and anxious, so even if you do eat it’s not looking like it’ll be a satisfactory experience. You’re told to wait, while the third parties involved in all this have a conversation among themselves that you’re excluded from.

There’s a good chance at this point that instead of wanting a pizza, you’ll be reminiscing about the leftovers in your fridge. That curry from the other night was OK really, and a couple of minutes in the microwave and it’ll be edible enough if you spoon the rest of the jar of mango chutney onto the plate. The kids are crying, not having eaten for hours now. The stress of wanting to know if you’re allowed to buy the pizza has made you forget that children need to be fed regularly - maybe they’ll be alright with the remaining fish fingers. Besides, who knows whether you’re ever going to see that pizza? Isn’t your money good enough?

Admittedly, buying a house is a more involved process than dialling for a pizza. But I put it this way to help you understand what it can be like for people buying a house to be caught up in the world of conveyancing. It’s only right that you - a professional with years of experience - know things are different, that the apparent quiet periods and delays exist for perfectly good reasons to do with processes that buyers know little or nothing about, explanations of which serve to confuse them much of the time.

Like it or not, the language and customs of conveyancing are alien to the public at large. And given the financial and emotional significance of house purchase, it’s no wonder that frustration and anger are feelings that many report experiencing while it’s all going on. All of which will hopefully give you a new angle on why software like InTouch has value. By opening up the mysteries of conveyancing to the people who are paying for your services, it provides reassurance at a time when people really value it. And that’s worth investing in. It’s the difference between a pizza that someone’s giving you reports about, sometimes in words you don’t understand, and one that’s being delivered to your house, with you able to track where the delivery driver is at any given moment.