We are 24 hour party professional people.

The days of a 9-5 working life and clear separation between what we do and what we get up to at work are over for many people. This is the age of portfolio careers, where people juggle a couple of more jobs to get by, and evenings and weekends are just as likely to be used for earning money as having family time. Maybe that’s a bad thing - it’s for sure that it’s something that affects the way many live at this point, and it’s likely to get more like that rather than less.

We’re already used to the idea of shopping on a Sunday and buying things online. That’s how the world works. So it’s not unreasonable that people have similar expectations of conveyancing. A world where it’s possible to download a TV series in the evening and watch it by next morning is one where professionals need to start thinking differently.

And that’s where InTouch comes in. Use our app, and you’ll join other people in the field who realise that having information available just seconds away at any time of the day or night allows purchasers to stay up to date with what’s happening at times that suit them.

What that means in practice is that you’ll be getting less phone calls from people who are upset about some or other aspect of what’s going on that hasn’t been made clear to them. With all the data available online, purchasers can keep abreast of just what’s going on in between whatever else they’re getting on with. As soon as you update the system, information is available to anyone involved to check out when it happens to suit them.

The fundamentals of conveyancing are essentially human, to do with knowledge and experience and an understanding of nuances. Add to that the ability to communicate what’s happening with people who want and needs that information and can look at it at their convenience, and the nature of what you’re doing changes not-so-subtly for the better. You’ve got better ways to use your time than field phone calls, and InTouch is a 24/7 system that keeps people in the loop whether they’re getting the weekly shopping, changing a baby’s nappy, or walking the dog. The better what you do as a conveyancer fits in with the lives of your clients, the more they’ll appreciate what it is you do for them.

Maybe they’ll invite you to their party…