Eight Tips for Choosing a Case Management System

Law firms make few decisions as important as selecting the right case management software. Get some helpful tips on what to consider when selecting this business critical system, which you are going to be using every day for years to come.

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Email Fraud - 5 ways to protect your conveyancing practice

Email fraud is once again making headlines in the conveyancing news outlets. It is a persistent problem for the conveyancing industry and one fraudsters are very keen to exploit due to the large sums of money being transferred. Learn how to protect you ... continue reading

InTouch nominated as a top software company in Nottingham

InTouch has been nominated as a top software company in Nottingham by Beststartup.co.uk.

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UK Conveyancers Should Expect a Busy Spring

With Easter behind us, spring is most definitely here. In the housing market traditionally spring tends to consist of some of the busiest months of the year. However, with the recent boom brought on by the land tax holidays, will it run out of steam?... continue reading

The Non-UK Resident SDLT Surcharge - What You Need to Know

The SDLT non-UK resident 2% surcharge comes into effect from the 1st of April 2021. What does it means and what should conveyancers do.

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Speeding up conveyancing - BASPI & TA6 Pilot

Initiatives like BASPI and TA6 Part 1 Pilot aims to speed up conveyancing transaction by providing more information upfront. But what are they and how do they aim to do that?

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