Frequently Asked Questions

What is InTouch?

InTouch is a service that runs in the cloud that helps stakeholders in property transactions work more effectively.

Can InTouch deal with all types of property transactions?

Yes, InTouch comes with pre-configured worksflows for Residential transactions. For commercial transactions we help you build your workflow.

Can InTouch be used for other areas of law?

At it’s core InTouch is process management tool specifically aimed at the property industry. It is a very configurable system, and can be configured for other workflows.

Do clients get access to their transactions?

Yes, client’s get their own portal where you can share documents, progress, and notes with them.

Can estate agents and/or other introducers access the platform?

You can invite any party you wish into a matter, and very soon you will notice a decrease in the amount of progress chasing going on.

Can I see a demo of InTouch?

We can provide online or in person demonstrations, please register here

Can InTouch integrate with other systems?

InTouch provides a full API for third parties, which means that there are lots of integration opportunities.

How do I access InTouch?

InTouch is cloud based system, and as such it does not require any software to be downloaded onto your device. InTouch works well on tablets and mobile phones too.

Can I order searches through InTouch?

Yes, with only a few clicks your searches can be ordered and returned to you matter. You can order searches from a number of different providers. If your provider is not already integrated, please point them in our direction.

Do I need to install software to use InTouch?

No, InTouch is cloud based, which means all staff members can access InTouch from any device at any time.

Optionally, there are widgets for Microsoft Outlook & Word which help you attach emails and documents to cases quicker.

Are there any setup fees?

No, there is currently no set up fee.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes. This is currently 12 months.

What support options are available?

9-5 Telephone and email support based at our Nottingham office is available.

What are the benefits to home movers?

InTouch makes the whole conveyancing process more user friendly, transparent and efficient. Movers have instant access to information and updates around a transaction in a modern and efficient manner.

Is InTouch just for solicitors?

No, we have happy clients who are Estate Agents, CLC conveyancers, Sales progression firms, Introducers, & property management firms.